Schadenfreude: Favorites

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  • FFVII to me is the prime example of a balanced game. The game delivers good music, fun gameplay, an epic story and memorable characters. Even though the graphics are outdated, I played this game many years after it was released and loved it. It was not the first RPG I played, but likely the first 3D console one. I've beaten it once and started a second play through.

  • Ico is a pure gem; it has become a cult classic on the PS2 for that reason. This game has such a beautiful style and flow to it. It has one of the best atmosphere's I have ever experienced in a game. I usually do not enjoy games with the feeling of isolation, but with the calmness and innocence of the world, it did not bother me. I rented it and beat it when it first came out, but ended up getting it years later because of how wonderful it is. There is no other game quite like Ico (except Shadow of the Colossus). The fighting may be very simple and almost tedious, but seeing Yonda's hand stretched out as she is sucked into the ground shows it serves a purpose. It may be short, but the experience is worthy of purchase. The final battle is fantastic as well. I've beaten it twice.

  • What can I say about Chrono Trigger that everybody doesn't already know? It is a beautiful 2D adventure through time with fun gameplay, an interesting story and the best sidequests a game has ever had. Chrono Trigger is Square at it's finest. I've beaten it once, but I would like to get all the endings sometime.

  • I wish I could justify in words what's so great about it, but it's gameplay, music and leve design is an accomplishment that will be recognized for years to come. I'm sad to say I started and finished it in a two year cycle. Besides the Water Temple and some other bothersome parts, the game was excellent. Final battle was intense and enjoyable, the best I've ever experienced. The quest for the Biggorn's Sword alone is the best sidequest I've ever completed. I've beaten it once.

  • SSBM has loads to do with the most enjoyable gameplay I've ever had with a fighter. This was the game ever GameCube owned for a reason. Even without online, I played it for 100 hours. Any game that can do that is a classic in my book. While Brawl does have online and new characters/stage, it took so much from Melee and made some changes that lessened the experience (Subspace, tripping occasionally), I still consider Melee the superior game.

  • This is yet another game I only had mild excitement for prior to release. I used credits I received from yourfree360games.com to get the collector's edition that came with a sweet lunchbox and a vault boy bobblehead. Fallout 3 has a lot of problems including glitches, repetitiveness that breaks the suspension of disbelief and a small number of quests compared to Oblivion. With that said, the atmosphere, battle system and little touches makes this game wonderful. I have quite a few memorable moments, many not even story based. The DLC really added to the experience too. It gave new stupendous equipment and in the case of the Pitt and Broken Steel, added more to the world. I've played Fallout 3 for around 90 hours and will likely buy any further DLC distributed. I've beaten it twice.

  • I'd always heard the game was very enjoyable but I had no idea just how good it was. The first "Metroidvania" title, SotN is just an absolute joy to play. Progressing through the castle never feels like a chore and there is always more to explore. The gameplay is simple but effective. The game isn't too diffucult although some bosses battle can be a challenge. The experience can be short if you choose not to adventure, but who would do that? I've beaten it once, but just the first castle.

  • I can honestly say I was way more hyped for Super Smash Bros. Brawl then this game. Because of this, I was taken by surprise how fun this game is. It doesn't have an engaging story or high definition graphics, but neither of those matter. SMG is pure platforming goodness with every world being well thought out and fun to solve. The art style is perfect for the franchise with all the little special effects making the game truly feel magical. Beaten once (aiming for 120 stars)

  • MGS is a fantastic game. It presents such a fresh interesting story in movie like fashion. The characters are memorable as are the boss battles. Sure the some of the cutscenes are awkward (Can love bloom on the battlefield) and the shooting is outdated, but those can be easily overlooked with what MGS has to offer. I'd never played a real stealth game before, so it felt a little awkward at first, but over time it grew on me. I only wish I had played the game earlier. Snake? Snake!? SNAKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKE! I've beaten it once.

  • I'm not a PC gamer, so when HL2 came out, it wasn't even on my radar. When I heard about the Orange Box, I had to get it. Half-Life 2 has an excellent narrative, great level design, and just hardly ever feels dull. Half-Life 2 is the only shooter I've played that isn't just all shooting. When there is shooting, it's very intense and require well thought out action. The puzzles are very well done and most of the time seem to fit perfectly within the world. From it's creative and memorable opening level to it's spectacular final levels and ending, HL2 is a complete package. I've beaten it once.