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Anticipated Titles/Titles I'm Curious about for 2021 and Beyond

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  • I'm not the biggest fan of Arkane Studios games. I don't know, something about their games just doesn't click with me despite them being shooters and whatnot. However, I will still give them a shot hoping one of these will click.

  • Absolutely loved God of War (2018). It was a refreshing take on a series I didn't much care for. I am excited to see where they take the story.

  • Fairly big Resident Evil fan, so this one is easily on my list. VII was great, but there's definitely room for improvement, specifically in the enemy varieties.

  • I think Josef Fares makes some interesting games and this one is no exception.

  • Cyberpunk cityscape? Cats roaming said cyberpunk cityscape? Sure, why not.

  • Fun fact: I got to the last boss in the original and never finished the game. Hopefully this one will be a different scenario.

  • Breath of the Wild was a groundbreaking entry in the Zelda franchise. However, I do have some gripes with Breath of the Wild ,the dungeons for one are so lackluster compared to the rest of the world and too samey. Hopefully they will fix some of those gripes.

  • I'm not too familiar with Housemarque's stuff but it seems most people tend to enjoy their titles, so I'll check it out.

  • I am a recent From Software adopter only having completed Sekiro and Demon's Souls (Remake), but goddamn those games were great. Here's hoping it comes out in my lifetime.

  • Haven't been the biggest fan of Far Cry, 3 and 4 were fun enough then 5 really turned me off from it. Maybe a new console generation can bring it back for me.

  • Even though I've never played the Evil Within games, this one looks different and cool enough to check out.

  • Really love the art direction and overall style of this game.

  • I am a lowkey fan of the TT Games LEGO stuff. Mostly of licenses that I have a fondness for such as Star Wars or Jurassic Park. They might be dumb and samey, but I tend to get an enjoyment out of them.

  • Loved the first one, although it has been 13 some odd years since I have played it.

  • Who doesn't love taking pictures of cute little (or big) creatures?

  • I like the concept and now there's an A-list cast tied to it too.

  • I hope to see some similar gameplay to Hyper Light Drifter but with a larger, more explorable world.

  • Axiom Verge was such a solid metroidvania that felt like a loving tribute to the original Metroid and at the same time its own special thing. Even if the sequel doesn't change or anything I think it will still be an enjoyable title.

  • I found the original to be difficult for me but I still thought it to be an interesting game.

  • L4D 1 & 2 were really fun. I don't know how I feel about it not having the same writer. One of my favorite things was the dialogue between the characters, so Back 4 Blood has some big shoes to fill.

  • There was a brief period after Diablo III had come out and I had my time with it, that I was done with Diablo-likes for a while. By the time this comes out, I'll be itching to play another one of these.

  • Who knows when this game will come out, obviously after Starfield, but when it does you can count on me to throw all my money at it.

  • See above entry. No but seriously, if I love metroidvanias I of course love the Queen of metroidvanias.

  • Love the artstyle of this one. No idea what the gameplay will entail.

  • Even if the development on this one seems...troubled, I will still check out anything that has a Bioshock-esque feel/look to it.

  • I don't know, it does kinda have a B-game feel to it, but it's got enough interesting things going on that has me intrigued.

  • Both Cassette Beasts and Coromon seem to want to bring back the classic style of Pokemon with Cassette Beasts being a little bit more unique.

  • Eastward's pixel-art alone has me hyped for this one.

  • Hazel Sky has an Uncharted look and feel to it without any of the murdering a ton of dudes with no remorse to it.

  • It's not often, at least for me, that I see someone trying to directly ape A Link to the Past but I ain't complaining.

  • Firewatch had a lovely story and art direction to it. I would really love to see more of this game gameplay-wise.

  • Yes, I know, it's just a blatant rip-off of H. R. Giger's artwork, but you know what? There's not a lot of those out there so I'll take what I can get.

  • There is no doubt I will be picking this game up. The Messenger was a wonderful twist on the metroidvania genre and I also happen to be a pretty big fan of Chrono Trigger, not to mention it's gorgeous pixel-art.

  • I wasn't sure about this one until I saw that it has some Zelda-like elements to it particularly in its exploration. Sign me up.

  • Never played the first one but it seems cool enough.

  • I mean I love playing with my food. Well more eating it but whatever.