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Lead and Gold on PSN

I have been playing Lead and Gold since it was released on PSN, hand have two tropies left. One of them will take time, win a 100 matches. And the fanning one is hard, don't know how many times I died trying to shoot 3 ppl with the gunslinger.'s fanning. But it's freakishly fun, so all good. 
Heavy Rain is spinning the cd slot in the PS3. Man, that's a slow moving game. I get kind of annoyed about all the small things that have to be handled. I am also playing Dead to Rights 2, which isn't that good, but it's kind of fun. I am planning to get tons of achievments. Just Cause 2, A grade. Happy about that. Will not be playing it any more, about 40+ hours is enough. Next game that I will buy will probably be Red Dead Redemption, and I see many new achievements in the future.


All this smack talk about games not played

Never tried out the blog, and I thought I'd try it out. So, as subject for the blog. Found one. 
Why is people writing comments on movies etc about games they haven't played? In every place where - assholes - can leave a comment, there will be a few slaying whatever they can comment about. It's fun to see people saying "This game sucks" and I can bet on the fact that they have not played the game. It's just comming out of their ass. Why? It's no help, they get no community status or anything. 
I find it even more fun when the same dudes will say that a game is crap, when the game hasn't even been released. Are you seeing the future? Did you play the game in your flashforward?  
No one will change their ways... but still, this is my subject for my first blog. 
Have a good one!