Hi, and thanks for visiting.

Hi, I've been a long time GameSpot user that has been following Jeff's trajectory for quite a while and as so I decided to create a account here at GiantBomb as well.  If you are reading this blog, first of all: Thanks!  You can call me SciFiCat, I've been a long time gamer that considers videogames as a form of art as well as a form of entertaiment.  I'm really open minded with respect to trying out every kind of genre and I'm platform agnostic.  I really don't care about the name on the box where I do my gaming.  System specs mean nothing, it is the games what matter most.  Also, while I like impressive graphics as much as the rest, these must be second to gameplay.  Graphics become obsolete over time but good gameplay is timeless.  Also, I'm a Ilustrator ( a fancy word just to say that I like to draw purdy pichures, hyuck! =P ) and you can check out some of my fan art and original art in the image section of my profile here at GiantBomb.  You can also check my stuff over at scificat.deviantart.com.  Peace a sorry if I don't update this page to often, there is so much time in a day I can dedicate to so many sites, take care.