How to Find Remote Work Without Leaving Home

At a time when business is facing unexpected disruptions and in-person meetings are off-limits, anyone who’s been searching for a new job has been thrown a huge curveball. And some professionals who had no plans to change jobs at the beginning of the year are suddenly on the hunt for a new role.

Whatever your situation as a job seeker, there are big questions about going through the recruitment process without ever being in the same room as a potential new employer — and without leaving home. Is that even possible?

The good news is that, though your job search will look a little different right now, you can still press on.

Office buildings might be largely empty due to COVID-19, but companies are moving forward with business — including hiring for vacant positions. In some cases, the pandemic is even creating increased workloads and demand for experienced professionals, such as those in customer-facing and IT roles.

Thankfully, technology is making it easier for people to look for work from home and organizations to recruit remotely. While finding, landing and starting a job with no in-person contact is rare, each element of an all-digital job search has at least some precedent — and a set of best practices to guide you.

Find your best opportunities

Online job boards should be familiar to anyone who’s sought a new position in the last 20 years. Our roundup of the top job search websites includes general boards as well as specialized sites.

But don’t stop there. Utilize your online network. Though nobody’s hosting in-person conferences or networking events for the time being, you can still reach out to professional contacts through LinkedIn or social media.

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Let people know you’re on the hunt for a new role. They may be aware of companies looking for talent — and might even be able to talk you up to hiring managers. Also, ask colleagues on LinkedIn for endorsements and recommendations (and remember to offer to do the same for them).

Get help from the specialists

Specialized staffing firms like Robert Half have their finger on the pulse of the hiring market and workforce trends. This built-in knowledge makes them a great resource for helping you find a job under uncommon circumstances.

In fact, no matter what the circumstances, austin temp agencies can help make your job search easier. Once they know your skill set and work preferences, recruiters can not only recommend you directly to hiring managers, they also have close connections with local employers, often hearing of open jobs before they’re posted publicly, if they’re advertised at all.

Getting in first can be quite an advantage, especially when you have someone advocating on your behalf.

And if you’re looking for off-site work, many of the positions Robert Half staffs fit the bill. We have temporary, full-time and temp-to-hire opportunities across the U.S., and we uncover new ones every day. Our staffing experts are well-versed in all types of work-related scenarios, including remote job searches and working away from the office.

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