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My favourite ever games.

These are the games which i hold in the highest regard.

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  • My favourite of all the GTA's, the 1980's theme, how much it reflects cult TV shows like Miami Vice or film's like Scarface and Carlito's way and just the amount of fun i had playing this game without many consequances.

  • An exceptional masterpiece from the incredible mind of Fumito Ueda, it is still and will always be my favourite playstation 2 game just in front of Ico.It's an endeerment of how you make the most atmospheric game with the tightest of technological restrictions and in my oppinion its what distinguishes japanese games from the good to the absolute incredible.

  • Psychnauts certainly is one of the weirdest and surprisingly most sinister games that ive ever played.It really did surprise me how sinister the baseline premises of this game are, exploring the minds of villains or people who have serious problems like the infamous milkman,Really it should be played just for his stage if for nothing else.The surrealism that the game adorned with is really well done and is probably the biggest reason i rate this game so highly.