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Adds to a Great Game 0

Opposing Fronts just adds to the already great game Opposing Fronts.  The new factions involve completely different styles of play in multiplayer than any of the other factions.  However the brits are somewhat overpowered,  Hopefully that will be fixed in upcoming patches...

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The Perfect RTS 0

Company of Heroes is an absolutely amazing RTS it's campaign is so so but the multiplayer is really where it's at.  As you get into the multiplayer you find how complex this game really is.  You use MGs, Mortars, Snipers, armor, at guns, paratroopers, flanking, and more to get the upper hand on your enemy.  The game can change at any moment with a properly placed air strike or well done counter attack.  There is no resource gathering.  You gain resources by controling points on the map.Just go g...

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