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Sloppy Family Affairs 0

Resident Evil 7: biohazard is a sloppy experience, and I don't mean mechanically. Having to decide between using a first aid, unloading your final clip of precious handgun ammo, or running away as a molded foe is inches within your grasp almost always ends up a chaotic struggle that leads to you barely surviving. You feel gross, because there is no regenerating health, or an infinite supply of ammo now lying at your feet. As an unapologetic fan of the first four, but mainly first three Capcom su...

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Mighty Blunder 0

Everyone knows by now that the Mighty No. 9 is universally considered both a colossal disappointment and an indictment on future Kickstarter projects in general. Comcept and Inafune even started a new Kickstarter for a new IP (Red Ash) before their first project was even completed. Much has been said about the game as a spiritual successor to the Mega Man franchise, and while it is a little unfair to compare a new series to a classic one, this project was always intended to be THE successor t...

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Nailed It (oops, wrong id Franchise) 0

Disclaimer: I was never a Doom guy. Growing up in the 90s, I knew of people owning PC's who would brag about the intensity, the ferocity that was id Software's revolutionary 1993 work. We all know the story, about how Carmack and Romero revitalized the industry, not only inventing the modern 3D first person shooter, but making it accessible in a way that made "playing video games" cool. A ton of baggage has been attached to this 2016 reboot, with a bafflingly lackluster multiplayer beta that...

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Quantum Conondrum 0

I really, really wanted to like this game. As with all Remedy joints, Quantum Break was unveiled as another ambitious title with a unique concept. Fifteen years ago it was Max Payne and its revolutionary bullet time gameplay; in 2010, Alan Wake looked to be the unofficial video game adaptation of Twin Peaks; now, at the height of Netflix, Quantum Break looks to meld the interactivity of video games with the world of streaming television. With a few rare exceptions, neither the action or the s...

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Endless Potential 0

There's a moment during Superhot's (stylized as SUPERHOT) end game credits in which someone types to you "the most innovative shooter of all time." It's meant to be a self-aware jab in a game that already basks in its own meta-ness, but the Polish team behind one of the most inventive gameplay hooks in years probably believes it. An ASCII-based interface is your first view into the stark and minimalist world of SUPERHOT. An anonymous user name suggests to you a hot new title that has cool gam...

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Fire Walk With Me 0

The Walking Simulator, a somewhat derogatory term used to label a new kind of game that has emerged over the past couple years, has given the genre known as "quick time event" a bit of a reprieve. Together, these two genres have polarized fans of the medium, and has made myself question just what these experiences exactly are. And that is precisely what they are: an experience. Same as Contra, Doom, Final Fantasy that fall under this nebulous category of "minimal gameplay" have earne...

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Dying Breed 0

Good luck, Harmonix...Sorry if I come off a little dramatic here, but Amplitude’s release seems like a tragic full circle coming to fruition. It was the original Amplitude from 2003 which gained Harmonix the notoriety, after all. Not the cash cow juggernaut Rock Band was, but a critical darling that expanded on the groundwork of the trance-laden Frequency. And like the original Amplitude, this is releasing on little to no fanfare, backed by a Kickstarter that barely made it to the finish ...

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A New Beginning 0

I’ll admit, I surprised myself the day Guitar Hero Live was released. Having decided earlier on in the month that Rock Band 4 was surely where my money would be spent, I refrained from purchasing it. The game was too much of the same, and too costly. The DLC sounded like a nightmare of a time in order to transfer over to a new generation, and the crowning achievement of the franchise, Beatles Rock Band, failed to even make the cut. 250 dollars in reckless spending was averted, at least un...

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Metar Gear Solid: The Video Game 0

Let it be known that I am a huge fan of the Metal Gear Solid series. More than that actually - it's my personal favorite series of all time, in any medium. This will be as objective of a review as I can possibly make it. After pouring some 75 hours into this game, after painstakingly watching every trailer in feverish anticipation (which spoiled a ton of stuff), I've reached this conclusion about Metal Gear Solid V: the Phantom Pain; first, there's Metal Gear Solid V, the legacy of the series,...

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A Game of Clones 0

Thomas Happ must be a busy man. When he isn’t developing AAA titles, he’s working, solely mind you, on an ambitious 2D side scroller that most closely resembles, well, you know. Its that kind of game which features copious amounts of backtracking and hard to reach sections that seal off entire worlds until the right power up is discovered. I promised myself I wouldn’t use the term while writing this review. The kind of game that begins with tiny snail enemies, and the first di...

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Plodding 0

Journey. Gone Home. Dear Esther. If you're a fan of any of these three games, the Chinese Room's newest entry into the narrative heavy walking simulator is the game for you, and only you. Dear Esther was the developer's previous title, a two hour experience that more closely resembled visual poetry than a game. Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture combines the visual and aural cues of the developer’s previous tale with a far more ambitious open world setting. Ambitious...and risky.Unders...

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The Shooter for Everyone Else 0

A little context before the review proper:It's hard to believe that a fresh, new Nintendo IP is a reality in 2015, but perhaps even harder to fathom the genre: online shooter. For many, myself included, the thought of having to play (endure) an online shooter brings about anxiety and despair. Example: in 2009, Uncharted 2 was a masterpiece in cinematic story-telling, and included an online mode that I reluctantly decided to try. About five matches in, I was struggling, and in a moment of panic ...

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Dying Interest 0

Three and a half years ago, an unproven developer by the name of Techland unleashed a fun but ultimately buggy co-operative zombie game that was more about campy fun than the grim realities of a world ravaged by the undead. Dead Island was a different game than its initial trailer had indicated, depicting a family turned infected menace in reverse. The morose nature of that trailer is ultimately what the developer's new game, Dying Light, is trying to accomplish here. And while Techland achi...

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Re Re-Enter the World of Survival Horror 0

The mid-90s saw a radical shift in the way video games looked and played, especially on consoles. The Playstation One was a fledgeling little machine that was capable of producing high polygon visuals the likes of which had only been previously seen on a PC. Capcom’s Shinji Mikami decided to design a game in the vein of Alone in the Dark, one of those fancy PC titles. It was going to feature all those high polygon counts as well as the concept of pre-rendered backgrounds; photo-realistic ...

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Super Slugfest 0

Though twenty bones may sound a little steep for a game that most closely resembles a higher resolution Backyard Baseball, Super Mega Baseball is a surprisingly addicting and rewarding experience in a genre in desperate need of games like this. Playing this bridges the gap between the Golden Age of baseball classics such as Ken Griffey on SNES or Tengen's RBI Baseball and the more modern simulation heavy dynasty of the MLB: The Show.Super Mega Baseball definitely leans more towards the arcade f...

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Bullet Hell in Sepia-tone 0

Luftrausers is a game that comes at you initially with more style than substance. After a quick cutscene introduction and menu navigation, a press of the d-pad sends you into a desaturated, sepia-toned view of World War II. The text "Original" appears on the bottom of the screen, and the filthiest riff begins to play through the Vita's speakers (or your headphones). Suddenly, you're being attacked from the sky as well as beneath you, in the sea. Hover too close to the water and your engine ma...

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Finally, a game that gives you the red pill 0

The ultimate published hacked game, Saints Row IV expands on the unabashed mayhem delivered in the Third and takes things to the next natural level: a Matrix-like simulation.The Boss, your PC from all previous Saints titles, returns as hapless President of the United States (don't worry, this is all explained in the games prologue, itself a fine parody of a very recent critical darling). From there, Zinyak and his merciless band of aliens turn Earth into Dantoine and our (super)hero is sucked in...

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