Games I wish I had played in 2010

Oh, having a limited budget and an exceptional ability to procrastinate while accomplishing absolutely nothing. There was a LOT of games I missed out on for a number of reasons. The biggest of course was just a lack of time and/or money to give them a chance. I've spent most of the year on a very limited income, and on top of that boxed up most of my gaming gear for a cross country move, leaving most of it in storage back home. 
But hopefully that will change soon! Hopefully I'll not only have the time and the money, but I'll have curbed this nasty habit of spending insane amounts of time just... wasting time on the internet. We'll see, but in the meantime here's a list of 2010 games that I missed out on that I hope I'll play in 2011. Preferably before I miss out on too many 2011 releases.

List items