Game of The Year 2014 Users Choice

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  • Cool stuff, glad that one guy died in that beginning part

  • I don't really like Dark Souls 2, but I mean that's not completely relevant. I just wanted to say it.

  • This is for Metro: Last Light Redux: I liked this more than Metro 2033 Redux

  • This is for Metro 2033 Redux: I liked it

  • I usually have a hard time playing one game for long sessions but I definitely played a ton of this in one sitting.

  • I have played a lot of CRPGs in my time and, as a pattern, my least favorite part about most of them is how the camera behaves and what sort of limitations on what I can do with it. Divinity's camera is alrighty

  • This is a weak joke but I didn't play that many games this year. I was also going to put Dota 2 on this list but dota is no joke.

  • I hate Borderlands it's boring and tired, even this one. I did not like this game.