My Games of the Year for 2015

Games I played but didn't find them worthy to be on the list

Cradle, didn't think it was very special.


Massive Chalice, great game, it should be on this list but I wanted to have the benchmark number 5.

Hacknet, played for a few hours, cool but I didn't care enough to go back for a second sitting.

The Beginners Guide, taught me a nice bit about people.

SOMA, as far as science fiction/android shit goes, this isn't anything special. Didn't like the characters, the voice acting, or the writing. I'm not exaggerating when I say 75% of the dialogue is the most poorly written, poorly delivered slop I have ever heard. The voice of Catherine especially is the most off-putting. It may have been a stylistic choice, figuring what happens in the story, but if that's the case it is a swing and a miss. Good looking game, interesting setting. Didn't enjoy a second.

List items

  • What a real beautiful story, episode 5 brings a brilliant conclusion to the first season. Dontnod really nails its characters and story. Two aspects I have trouble caring about with other adventure games like this. Max is a very real character, with flaws and beauty, she is written very well. As for Chloe; I have to give "hella" props to her voice actor, Ashley Burch, for her charming performance of this "hella" burnout. Even though I must admit I hated the character of Chloe as a person she is very well realized and, like Max, is very human.

  • One of the funniest games period. The main writer, Toby Fox, has a very unique style of humor that works well in this short indie story. Life is Strange has a very pretty licensed soundtrack that adds to the atmosphere, but Undertale blows LiS out of the water in terms of music. The original mixed soundtrack not only builds an atmosphere, it tells its own story, and through the music you are filled with determination, guilt, intensity, any emotion the writer wants you to feel you feel through the soundtrack. Characters. Jesus Fuck. These characters are just incredible. While lacking the human quality, they are monsters, the characters sometimes feel more human than humans do. The characters have depth and you really start to pity these monsters for the way they've been treated. I found myself grinning from ear to ear throughout most of this game.

  • I have completed this game 100%, this game is very good, fuck Huey I hated him since PW, fuck Skull Face what a dick, fuck Quiet she's weird, Ocelot is okay, Miller what happened man? Biggu Bossu.

  • A throwback to the classic Infinity engine games, iroll20s. Neverwinter Nights was my childhood, sitting at the computer, killing hours upon hours in the editor making sweet swords and writing sexy elf ladies who could be satisfied by me and me alone. This brought me back, way back. I haven't played the expansion but I'm sure it's great.

  • What a good year for short, personal games. And long epics. What a year, what a season.

    I'm really just a sucker for psychos, I think. But that's MY problem. This game doesn't have a problem. It's good.