Wish I wasn't working next week so I can catch GB's E3 coverage live, instead of catching up on the archive.

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I lost a friend.

I lost a friend.

I never met him in person. Never had any interaction with him on the site. Except for that one time when I bitched in chat about a show starting late. He replied to me saying "Oh but it's so much more fun to see you complain." I remember thinking to myself "OMG I got berated by Ryan Davis! This is the best day!"

I admit I couldn't hold back tears after reading all the tributes that were posted today. I know it's weird to feel this way about a person you never really knew. I can't even imagine what his family and close friends must be going through.

Rest in peace, Ryan. Thanks for the memories. You will be missed.

EDIT: After reminiscing some more I realized I had more stuff to get off my chest. So here goes...

I am the way I am today in a large part because of Giant Bomb. I know that might sound like an incredulous claim to some but believe me it's true.

Their mannerisms, witty humor and gentlemanly profanity has had a profound effect on my life. Over the years I have changed my life in ways that I feel they would approve.

They have been like a second family to me. Losing Ryan feels like a great loss.

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My roommate committed suicide today.

I know I haven't updated this blog in ages, but today's incident makes me feel that I really need to put this out there.

I opened the door this morning to my roommates wife (they were separated) who wanted to know if he was home. Upon checking I told her he wasn't. She wanted to come inside and wait for him. But I refused saying that I don't really know her and can't let her in. I closed the door and went back to my room.

Later in the afternoon I opened the door to a slew of firemen who asked if everything was alright. I unknowingly answered "Yes, everything is fine. You can come in here and check if you'd like." The fireman says "This lady is looking for her husband who she claims has hanged himself in his room." To which I almost laugh, because there is no way he would kill himself, I just talked to him yesterday. They come in, I show them his room. The fireman knocks on the door and then tries to open the door. To my surprise the door was unlocked. He enters takes a look and yells "Yeah we got a code blue in here". Another fireman walks across me and says "Why did you say nothing was wrong?" I am a loss for words and this point and barely mumble out "I wasn't aware of what...."

The cops get here, take me out of the house, ask for IDs and ask if anyone else is in the house. I tell them there is another guy who should be home upstairs. They get him out of the house as well. So at this point, one of the cops takes me with him and asks me to take a seat in the backseat of his cruiser. He starts asking me all sorts of questions and once again berates me on why I didn't let the wife into the house when she wanted to.

After what has been an hour, one of cops comes up to us and says that they have to treat this as a homicide until the coroner gets here and we weren't allowed to go back in the house until then. He says that it would take a few hours and that we should make arrangements to stay elsewhere. In the few hours waiting outside the house, I begin to think that I am at fault here for not letting his wife into the house earlier in the morning. Maybe if I had, he wouldn't be dead right now. I am still feeling guilty. I still feel responsible.

Eventually the coroner gets here, goes inside the house. The homicide detectives follow him in. After half hour or so they come back out talk to the wife. The detectives leave, the coroner leaves. One cop stays behind and informs us that we are free to go back into the house, just not in that particular room. I am not sure exactly what is going on. They say the coroner's services will come back and take the body to the hospital in a few hours. That still doesn't tell me if they concluded the investigation or what happens next.


Top 500!

Oh yeah, never thought I would make it to the top 500 members on the site. Getting 439 points out of the Thief article was unexpected. It boosted me from rank 1400-1500 to 361. Oh man, I absolutely have to write up another article this weekend. Somehow have to fit it into my schedule. I suppose getting to the top ten would be impossible. But I would be most satisfied with top 50 or even 100.

And in other news, I have been getting spam text messages on my cell. God knows, where these people get my number from. Can my cell provider sell my number to ad companies and such? I guess that would be breaching the codes of the contract. Maybe I can somehow sue them. If I had proof that is.



Why did the power have to go out, right when I had just about finished writing a large article on Thief: Deadly Shadows? God, it seems almost on purpose. I was reviewing my final piece and was about to click Save, when boom screen goes black. WTF?!?
Fortunately, I had taken Jeff's advice and had it written up in text format offline. The awesome auto-save/auto-recover feature of  MS Word is what brought my work back to life. Well, not completely since I did most of the edits online and what was saved is just a rough draft. Atleast some of the screenshots I took were saved, it would've be awfully mean if I had to take those again.

Well, time to do it over again. Fingers crossed this time.


Lovin' the site.

So far so good. There is so much to do on here, I just don't have enough time. And the speed has improved considerably. Well, time to get to work and pile up some points. I love the fact how users play a major role on the content that is posted on the site. Unique and sweet.
And this is just the beginning!


Been a while...

...since I registered on a game-related site, considering the fact that I've been loyally following other popular sites. Ah well, the process starts over again...setting up avatars, sigs etc. Well so far, I am quite surprised by how the site turned out. In a good way that is. It is much more than I expected it to be. Which is just awesome.
Hold on, this might be a temporary thing, but it seems the it take a while for the pages to load. This might be due to server load or something technical that I've no idea about and I am sure it'll be fixed eventually. But hey, even if it takes ages to load, I am still loving every moment of it!

Here's hoping the site turns out to be a huge success.