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Wish I wasn't working next week so I can catch GB's E3 coverage live, instead of catching up on the archive.

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Been a while...

...since I registered on a game-related site, considering the fact that I've been loyally following other popular sites. Ah well, the process starts over again...setting up avatars, sigs etc. Well so far, I am quite surprised by how the site turned out. In a good way that is. It is much more than I expected it to be. Which is just awesome.
Hold on, this might be a temporary thing, but it seems the it take a while for the pages to load. This might be due to server load or something technical that I've no idea about and I am sure it'll be fixed eventually. But hey, even if it takes ages to load, I am still loving every moment of it!

Here's hoping the site turns out to be a huge success.