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Wish I wasn't working next week so I can catch GB's E3 coverage live, instead of catching up on the archive.

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I lost a friend.

I lost a friend.

I never met him in person. Never had any interaction with him on the site. Except for that one time when I bitched in chat about a show starting late. He replied to me saying "Oh but it's so much more fun to see you complain." I remember thinking to myself "OMG I got berated by Ryan Davis! This is the best day!"

I admit I couldn't hold back tears after reading all the tributes that were posted today. I know it's weird to feel this way about a person you never really knew. I can't even imagine what his family and close friends must be going through.

Rest in peace, Ryan. Thanks for the memories. You will be missed.

EDIT: After reminiscing some more I realized I had more stuff to get off my chest. So here goes...

I am the way I am today in a large part because of Giant Bomb. I know that might sound like an incredulous claim to some but believe me it's true.

Their mannerisms, witty humor and gentlemanly profanity has had a profound effect on my life. Over the years I have changed my life in ways that I feel they would approve.

They have been like a second family to me. Losing Ryan feels like a great loss.

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