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Wish I wasn't working next week so I can catch GB's E3 coverage live, instead of catching up on the archive.

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Why did the power have to go out, right when I had just about finished writing a large article on Thief: Deadly Shadows? God, it seems almost on purpose. I was reviewing my final piece and was about to click Save, when boom screen goes black. WTF?!?
Fortunately, I had taken Jeff's advice and had it written up in text format offline. The awesome auto-save/auto-recover feature of  MS Word is what brought my work back to life. Well, not completely since I did most of the edits online and what was saved is just a rough draft. Atleast some of the screenshots I took were saved, it would've be awfully mean if I had to take those again.

Well, time to do it over again. Fingers crossed this time.