GOTY 2019

My list of my favorites from this year! It may be confusing, but I am a PC gamer mostly with a deep love of FPS. I also have a mix of Dan Ryckert in me and have a deep love and fascination of Nintendo and their games.

Games not on this list because I didn't play them enough but am thoroughly excited about playing:

  • Astral Chain (In backlog to play I am most excited to play this game)
  • Remnant: From the Ashes (Going to be next coop game to play with friends)
  • Dauntless (Played Monster Hunter instead, going to go back to it)
  • Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (I think about 1/4 through the game, actively playing)

List items

  • There is a lot of hype behind this game when it came out. Shadow dropping a game of this caliber probably won't happen for a good while again. Outside the sheer joy of the shadow drop I can't believe the improvements the game had to the BR genre. Outside of PUBG this breathed life back into the genre for the same reasons why I liked PUBG with my direct friends, co-operative gameplay. This time I could do it with friends or strangers. And the gunplay is absolutely phenomenal.

  • Every single immediate friend played and beat this game. We all talked about it and all had different outcomes. Really an A+ for the experience and being able to share the different story outcome with them.

  • Out of all the games I played this year this one seemed to be the best one to just relax and suck up ghosts and COUNTLESS OTHER RANDOM STUFF FROM THE HOTEL.

  • Its Pokemon, with seemingly a better or more integrated multiplayer than previous iterations. I have purposefully steered clear until I finish the story, so I'm looking forward to digging more into that in 2020.

  • Just like Pokemon... Its COD, but a new engine, and a focus on the multiplayer that made COD fun in the first place and a single player! Even though BRs probably grab me more than any other game I'm glad this game did not have a BR mode out of the gate. I will continue to hope a BR mode will be out at some point and make me squeal, but until then I will continue to enjoy the regular multiplayer and outstanding gunplay.

  • Resident Evil 7 was the first RE I played and beat on my own. I wasn't super excited about this despite everyone talking about it. I put it off and am now playing it. I will be beating this game and I'm glad I didn't let this slip by and fall into my bottomless pit of a backlog I have.

  • Might sound insane, but I played the single player and finished the main arc. It was cute. I continue to dabble off and on with online.

  • The second Zelda game I finished. My first to finish was Breath of the Wild. I have to say I loved the art style for this game. However, the game had me scratch my head a handful of times wondering how I'd ever get past a part without a guide.

  • I was excited about this game, but fell off really hard, which made it a bit of a disappointment to me. I have hopes it will make a comeback in 2020 at some point, but thought it would have had some more staying power. Played it with 3 friends cooperatively and it was an absolute blast to play through. The changes to make enemies feel less like bullet sponges was great. Later difficulties started getting into bullet sponge territory a bit, but overall a continued improvement to the franchise and felt refreshing.

  • I was afraid to buy this game because of the demos, thankfully they took the feedback and worked on fixing a lot of those complaints. Definitely have to preface, not meant to blow everyone away. But as far as mech games on the Switch go, this is good if you're a hardcore mecha fan and want something on the go.