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I played Dead Space 2 with Brad on TNT. He teamkilled me and I'm pretty sure everyone else simultaneously with a single Line Gun shot. It was great.

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Off topic, but it was mentioned in your post, you slept for 7 hours right? This is the low end of the recommended amount of sleep per night. When I'm tired I can sleep 10 hours easy.

I don't know why but this made me laugh. I just imagine you coming in here like a concerned father. "OP, make sure you are sleeping enough, son. I worry about you, champ."

The problem I've had with the store has been how it handles problems. I tried launching Killer Instinct once, and the store page came up. Where the download bar had been previously, it now said something about needing to repair the installation.

Nothing had changed about my computer, no new files had been installed, absolutely nothing. For whatever reason, I needed to download the entire game again. Fun stuff.

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Keeping wild animals is never a good idea, regardless of how tempting it may be.

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Hopefully the sequel has functional online play.

They've already said it will. Feature and function wise, the sequel sounds fantastic. It's just the aesthetics that people aren't happy with.

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Killzone Shadow Fall added a bunch of quality of life stuff over time, as well as various accessibility settings that you tend to expect out of the box now.

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TrackMania² Canyon and ShootMania Storm. Some of the most fun I've had in a game was on the Giant Bomb Trackmania 2 servers.

Shootmania died within a week or so but it was pretty rad too.

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I wrote a post about the last update to Alienation, and I figure I'll write one about the one that happened a few weeks ago since I'm apparently the only one on this site still playing it and the updates for this game are kind of absurd.

They've added Armor Sets.

So, I suppose before I get too deep, I'll throw up a list of all the shit I can think of that's been added post launch.

  • Local Coop
  • More Difficulties
  • Leagues
  • DLC (More weapon types, use any weapon as any class)
  • Bounties
  • Ammo Colors (Who gives a shit)
  • Armor Sets
  • Probably some other stuff I forgot

Oh, right. One of the DLC just lets you start characters at something like level 15, World 2.

Leagues, to reiterate, are random groups of dudes you are lumped into at the start of every week. The top 5 xp earning people in your group go up a league, the bottom 5 stay in the same one. That's been my experience so far, anyways. I imagine eventually the bottom 5 will drop a league. Once you hit Silver League, you earn 2x XP. Increasing your league also unlocks an extra color to customize your bullets with.

Bounties are what you might expect if you played Destiny. Kill a bunch of Snipers with your secondary weapon in Brazil, use your primary weapon to kill any 50 enemies, etc. They give you extra materials for rerolling stats.

Armor Sets drop like weapons and grenades. All of the ones I've seen change something about your ability timers. My Saboteur is wearing one that gives me a faster cooldown on the Artillery Strike, but my cloak takes longer to come off cooldown as a trade off. Also, the sets all have different color schemes.

Missions with various modifiers can be completed to earn new colors for your armor, among other things. Armor has 4 different "sections" you can color.

Basically, if you liked Alienation, there's a whole lot of new stuff around the game, but not any new levels. Which is what the game actually needs at this point. The impression I get is the devs want people to just run UFOs over and over, but you need keys for that, and those a resource. I'd rather spend money on DLC that had some new areas than let my guns shoot pretty colors.

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@dagas said:

Doom is one of those games that peple love because they have nostalgia for it. It is a very primitive FPS game where you can't even aim and and down. I'm sure people will disagree but mostly those that played it back in the day and have nostalgia for it. It wasn't until the late 90's that FPS games became good with games like UT,Q3A and HL. Doom is an important historical landmark but that's about it.

I strongly disagree, which I suppose is a given when you look at all my posts in this thread.

The guns in Doom are some of the most fun to use in the genre. That fucking CHU-CHUNK that you get every time you furiously pump shell after shell into a Pinky, and then just watch it collapse into itself in a heap of meat, is borderline erotic. It's the perfect blend of sounds, graphics, and weapon handling.

Aiming up and down isn't important when the game does it for you. You just look in the general direction and you are good to go.

I've had numerous people on my Steam friends play Doom for the first time recently, and while some felt it is overrated, everyone agreed, the guns feel really, really good.

As for your second point, have you played the original Half Life recently? It doesn't hold up nearly as well as Doom does. Even with Black Mesa, I found myself forcing myself to play what I had thought was one of my favorite games.

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@beardandcompany: My mistake, I saw GZ and figured you meant GZDoom, and from there made even further assumptions.

So that this post isn't just me apologizing, here's some suggestions on .PWADs people check out when they are done with the base games...

Demonsteele makes Doom play like a first person Devil May Cry, and it actually totally works. Shift sends you flying forward, alternate fire swings your sword, regardless of what gun you have out, and depending on how many orbs you have filled up in your meter, you can hold do a special move that kills just about everything in sight. I forget how off hand, but it isn't complicated or a series of inputs. You can pick from two different characters, the second of which can alternate between three different "settings" to increase her efficiency with guns, melee, or her rocket boots. The only problems it has are the aesthetic is definitely some DeviantArt Anime stuff, and it doesn't include any levels of its own, so you'll have to run it with a level pack. When I first got it, I was suggested Scythe 2 to use with it. I'd echo that.

Scythe 2, while we're talking about it, is inspired by castles and dungeons and that sort of thing. The level design is on par with professional maps, with some of the best key logic I've seen. It's on the hard side, and the first map has a door right near the start that I'm still unsure how to actually trigger to open, (I just run around at it and hit my open key a lot), but after that, it's stellar.

Russian Overkill replaces all the guns with absolutely absurd ones. Off hand, I can recall at least 5 that killed everything on the map. There's tons of them, enough that you'll hit a key, and then hit it again, and again, and again, and still be cycling through weapons on that slot. Most of them have alternate fires. Most of them will hurt you in the process of murdering your foes. It's dumb as hell and it knows this.

Hell Revealed 2 was made with the intent of being just fucking hard. It is. I don't actually care much for it. That said, with how absurdly powerful Russian Overkill makes you, you can actually stand a chance on your own in these maps.

Okay, that's enough from me for now. I hope you all have fun! Also, some of these don't play nice with Zandronum. In that case, use GZDoom.