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SeaBread's Game Collection

I love games. So much so that their releases are often too frequent for me to afford to buy and keep them all so, unfortunately, there often comes a time when i must trade in; receiving a pittance in return to partially fund my next must-have purchase.
These are the games (in alphabetical order) that, regardless of how tight my purse strings are, can never leave my collection..... at least not until something better comes along.
*disclaimer* there may well be games in this list that, for one reason or another, i have not removed from my collection despite having been surpassed by either direct sequels or usurped by rivals in the same genre. i make no apologies, i'm just lazy and/or sentimental as well as indecisive. i may also have grown weary of a genre or continue to get my fill from the previous iteration as a way of rebelling against the corporate greed hounds that churn out annual iterations of the same shite, albeit with a few tweaks and shiney bits, and call it a sequel.

List items

  • What is there left to say? Batman:AA is absolutely fantastic. The greatest superhero game ever made. The story, the setting, the gameplay is all top drawer. I yearn for more and that's after beating the game 4 times. It affords brilliant fan service and even if, like me, you're not the most knowledgable or enthusiastic comic-book-hero fan (i only ever subscribed to Beano and Dandy when I was younger although i did enjoy getting my annuals of The Broons and Oor Wullie at Christmas), this is simply outstanding. One of the best 3rd person action games ever with a smooth mix of stealth and combat, it's the epitome of the cliche - easy to pick up and hard to master (I am yet to beat Bane on the hardest difficulty setting). Probably my favourite game of 2009 (and i didn't buy Fallout3 until June)

  • I hark back to the days of NES, my first forays into the realm of gaming. I swapped (this was well before the days of trade-in) my copy of Paper Boy with a 'friend' for his copy of Bionic Commando. I'd grown weary of the repetative nature of delivering the daily scripts (i was also particularly bad at it) and loved the grapple action afforded me as I embarked on my mission to save Super Joe. I was ecstatic to see one of my first games rebooted and boy is it gorgeous. Gone are the pixellated gun fire - replaced with beautifully animated HD sprites. Adios 6 tone levels of black, white, green, red, blue and orange - Hello technicolour awesomeness. Adieu tinny ass music - welcome audial delight. everything i loved about the original is still here but is much improved in every possible way. it's not just a face lift and voice-box replacement, though. the controls are tighter, the bosses are reimagined or even just imagined in some cases. i don''t have to worry about carrying the wrong equipment, and there are some quality new weapons at Rad's disposal.

    as a fan of the original i wasn't disappointed to see some of the story or gameplay tweaked and dragged into the 21st century, in fact i wouldn't have it any other way. if you've never played BC before, this ranks up there with Shadow Complex as one of the best 2D platformers* ever and you owe it to yourself (providing your a fan of that type of game) to play this. Now if only someone would remake Super Metroid......

    *i was going to say side scroller but that would be inaccurate as Spencer swings baby, yeah! and so much better than the terrible attempt made by the new 3D BC. Why, Mike, WHY!?

  • Despite not being a huge FPS fan (and having tbought and traded this games no less than 3 times) I still can't resist the lure of Rapture. This one will forever remain in my collection.

    Toe to toe

    Dancing very close

    Barely breathing

    Almost comatose

    Wall to wall

    People hypnotised

    And they're stepping lightly

    Hang each night in Rapture

    Back to back


    Spineless movement

    And a wild attack

    Face to face

    Sadly solitude

    And it's finger popping

    Twenty-four hour shopping in Rapture

  • What a mind bender. A beautifully artistic wrapping around a simple yet decidedly taxing puzzle and story concept. So pleased I bought it but, like all great things, nothing compares to your first time. each subsequent playthrough, despite bringing the joy (and headaches) of puzzle solving back with it, doesn't give the sense of awe and bewilderment that the story offers a Braid-virgin.

  • a great evolution of the franchise and racers in general. I've spent hours burning 'round Paradise and havn't even delved into online multiplayer. so many cars and varieties of races means great value. a belated patch finally solved the problem of having to drive back to the starting junction to re-try a failed race but this came far too late for me - at least it helped me find all the hidden jumps, crashes and unlocked cars. if only the crash mode was as much fun as it used to be - i don't understand the thinking behind a flopping spasmatic wreck continuing to bounce down the road minutes after the initial impact. still, this is only one type of event and is entirely optional.

  • ah the game i love to hate. so many zombies, so little time. while i can appreciate the time-lapsed events i can't understand a broken save system or rediculously hard enemy AI and clunky controls. i havn't spent near enough time in Willamette Mall but damned if i can be bothered when it seems more of a chore than a pleasure... but i suppose most men view shopping that way.

  • this. game. TERRIFIES. me! i've bardely made it past the half-way mark of my first play through and shake with fear when i take it down from the shelf, place it in the tray, load up a game and nearly instantly switch it back off again in a cold sweat. i love the mechanics, the story, the gameplay. i long to learn what happens and what's (inevitably) coming next. I just can't bring myself to play it. my underwear can't take any more.

  • a slow paced platform puzzler, exit 2 is not as much fun as it was initially. i've deleted this to make room for faster, more action-packed games.

  • i lost 150 hours to fallout 3 before i delved into the expansions and i've only played it through once. the biggest and best game i think i've ever played i'd gladly do it all over again and then again. the scale of the 'world' and the story is monumental it's no wonder my friends were urging me to get this. i dont think i played anything else for about 4 months afer i bought this.