Biggest kick in the balls moments

These are moments in my gaming history that always stand out to me as controller smashing, rage inducing, or just soul-crushingly bitter events that I am sure every gamer has had a few of in their life time. He are mine for all to see and laugh at. 

List items

  • One of the last campaigns locations is the moon. There is a mission where you have to go destroy some other mechs and there are buildings and radar tower all around this trench you are traveling down. After destroying all the enemy mechs and a decent amount of the surrounding buildings. The next mission starts and 5 seconds in I fail the mission. Apparently I destroyed several radar towers that i needed to capture in the next mission. Since I used one save file and saved after every completed mission my entire campiagn was gone. The previous mission had no mention of making sure those towers were ok so you can imagine my anger. I never started another campiagn.

  • My friend deleted my save after playing for close to 30 hours.

  • at the backend of a 6 hour gaming binge, I decided that since it was starting to storm outside that I should probably save the game in case something happens. Part way through the save the power cuts out and my progress is gone. talk about extremely painful irony.

  • I was to pumped up to get this game and I ordered from the internet. When I got the game it wouldnt install. I spent hours trying to figure out was wrong and finally as I was giving up i noticed that one of the disc was scratched to hell, so I had to send away for another copy of the game, adding another week and a half till I could play it.

  • this shit was just too hard for me to get my head around, and i failed missions constantly. With the game that has tons of endings, and if you fail 3 missions in a row, you get an ending. Cant count the number of times my game ended after 3 or 4 missions.