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@sonny6killer: Just jump in at the start of a new arc (or a whole series most DC series are currently at just over 40, Marvel don't really get over 40 any-more before a re-number) with a character you know like Batman, Wolverine etc. Then work from there other characters and ideas will show up and if they interest you seek them up. Gradually you'll end up following them like you do games and you'll be aware of what's coming out and if it interests you. Superhero stuff seems intimidating with the massive amount of content published but if you just jump in it all works itself out. The hard part is just going for it. The comic vine wiki is also helpful for any characters who pop up you don't know. As regards non-superhero stuff again just jump in although due to the more long form of a lot of those stories you may want to start at number 1.

Just find something you like or that interests you and jump in.At least that's how I got into them around 2 years ago and now I follow it.

@sergio: Marvel unlimited is great you can read through old massive arcs for relatively cheap. I've read all the old marvel cosmic stuff, so much easier ad more convenient than tracking down the physical books. The newer comics are even added as soon as 2/3 months after release. Keep an ey out for offers regularly do stuff like first moth for 99p

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Might be misunderstanding the question here, but broken steel more adds another ending than changes it. Originally you had 1 choice at the end which left no option for a post game you had to play around before the last mission just. That option is still available along with others but now you can continue playing after that last mission as well as there being a couple extra main story missions. (That being the broken steel missions). So really you can play the base game with no issues and start the others at any time.

As regards order of playing the DLCs. I'd say broken steel missions at the very end after all the rest. Besides that leave the Pitt fairly late if I remember it was kinda difficult and might want to do anchorage early(ish) because I think you get some good weapons and armour.

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Definitely Bionic commando that shit was dumb. Your dead wife has been made into your Bionic.Arm

So stupid was it that the Joystiq podcast (I think) years ago used the term "Wife-arm" as a verb for stupid and ridiculous plot twists

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So excited Fallout is one of a few franchises like Mass effect or The Witcher I fell in love with and replayed and milked for every bit of content. Adored New Vegas and hope it keeps some of that quirk rather than the more serious Fallout 3. Just hope they don't over simplify the RPG aspects like they did with the Elder Scrolls.

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Darksiders. I like beat em ups like God of War and I like Zelda and this was meant to be the magnificent alliance of the two. I found the game boring clunky and it just never clicked with me. I playe the first level (if even) then never touched it again, bought it in a sale for £5 though so didn't lose out too bad.

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It looks ok. I can see where your coming from OP but I'm hoping it'll work out in the end. I'll hold out hope yet that this will be a good really scary horror game because I have been looking forward to it for a while now.

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Ireland didn't qualify, but I'd like to see Belgium or England do well as both have reasonably talented teams who should do better than they have (especially England). As others have said I'd hope to see someone besides Spain win just for a change of pace from the last couple of years and competitions.

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I was mildly interested in Splinter Cell:Blacklist but was going to put it off then instead I bought it with GTA V last night at the midnight launch just because you got it at like 2/3 price if bought with GTA.

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Probably somewhere between 6-12 months.

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A newspaper in the UK this morning had a small article on it. With someone from the head of some teaching union or something like that condemning the torture scene and arguing it teaches torture methods to children. But it was only a small article. There was also a thing on Fox news yesterday where the guest, a doctor pretty much argued games like GTA 5 cause the poor mental states of people involved in mass shootings.