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E3 Finale Podcast Thoughts

After all the hype and craziness I finally made some time to check out the closing E3 Bombcast and decided I should collect my thoughts in a blog post.

 Hello, nice to see you Bradley
 Hello, nice to see you Bradley

First off, Leigh Alexander caused quite the stir on the internet and while I don’t want to dwell on this any further I do have to address it. Plain and simple, Leigh is not an interesting podcast guest. Her laughable attempts to present herself as the professional business journalist were intermixed with cries of “Fuck Boston”, slurred explanations and apologies for her past appearance, and the ridiculous Activision party budget fabrication.   I felt bad listening to Barnett just rip her for it, but it was completely deserved.

The "Leigh is embarrassing herself" signal 
My favorite Leigh moment was when she molested the just arrived Mr. Shoemaker while everyone else made the gang sign: 

Having said all that, it’s too bad she’s being personally attacked on twitter. She certainly poured gasoline on the fire with some of her comments though…

I think that after a couple years of E3 podcasting we now have a pretty good idea of what to expect from the finale podcast. A chaotic booze-fuelled clusterfuck that frequently goes right off the rails. Sometimes this creates great entertainment, other times it’s just hard to listen to. I understand where the guys are coming. They’ve been busting their asses for the duration of the show and they’re ready to celebrate. It’s just too bad because there are seeds of interesting discussion that can never really get off the ground due to fatigue and brewskies. You can see it in their faces at times, just too damn tired to get invested in the deep stuff.

Paul Barnett has just surpassed John Davison as my favorite video game industry person to listen to. The man can tell a story like no other and brings an amazing perspective. Both his bread maker analogy and William Shattner story were great examples of this. I just wish we could listen to him in a more traditional podcast with fewer guests and more order.

I found the other guests were good. Dino seemed especially cool. I enjoyed Pope’s bumbling attempt to exclusively reveal his Rock Band track list, which turned into a podcast-long joke.

Despite the madness, the crew had an extraordinary show and pumped out the most interesting E3 content I saw on the web.