Games I've Really Loved Over The Years

This is a list of games that I've really enjoyed and sunk a lot of time into since I started gaming. As you can see, I was a bit of a wrestling fan as a kid...

List items

  • This is one of the first games that I really remember spending a lot of time with on the family 386. I remember thinking it was way better than Commander Keen.

  • The whole idea of a real time strategy game blew my mind. I spent an embarrassing amount of time listening to the peon voices and chuckling to myself. My strategy: build an 'effin huge army.

  • I've always been a huge hockey fan and when my parents brought home a Pentium 200 mhz machine I saved up my money to buy a gravis gamepad and NHL 95. I can't believe I thought it was fun to pull the other team's goalie and run up the score...

  • I never had a SNES but my best friend did and we often rented this game to work our way through it. We had fun trying to figure out the puzzles and the whole idea of turn based combat was completely new to me.

  • In retrospect, this is really a terrible game. Watching Undertaker pull out a tombstone and hit somebody with it and have the hearts fly out of Bret Hart is ridiculous.

  • This game built on WCW vs. NWO World Tour so well by adding new wrestlers and all kinds of crazy modes. Still my all time favorite wrestling game mechanics and I wish somebody would go back to a similar system. Spent lots of time beating the shit out of AKI Man.

  • I'm not a completionist at all but I had to beat all the challenges in this game. THPS 1-4 were all incredible games but this was my favorite. The soundtrack was also out of this world.

  • I came upon this game through fairly illegitimate means, but it was incredible. Exploding ring matches? really? I still love the art style and I probably spent more time creating wrestlers then I actually did in the ring.

  • My friends and I played this game religiously in High School at the sketchy nearby arcade. It was cheap competitive and addictive.

  • I loved the first one but all the technical glitches and elevators were really frustrating. This game smoothed out those glitches and immersed me even further in the amazing ME universe. The characters were amazing and I cared about each one of them.