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Jeees...I feel for you. But big thanks for the hard work

Now...go and get some well deserved sleep :P

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@Dourin: Dont stress it:)

I feel bad if I made it sound like I was stressing you guys.

Anyway. Take your time ofc and have a good evening guys!

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Since you guys had some trouble with this weeks episode, will it be up on the RSS feed this week at all:)?

Just wondering if I should keep an eye on it or not:)


PS: yay! Launch week!

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Not TO much I hope. And so does my lady I bet:)

I aint going to stress it that is for sure. Stretch the game out as much as I can. I am still a bit on the fence about the things to do at max lvl as far as PVE goes.

Dont get me wrong. ORR sounds awesome. But how long can that last? When it dosent I will just level another character I guess. So I expect to play it for years. As long as I have nice ppl to play and talk to.

Cause lets face it. I dident play WoW for 6.5 years because of the awesome gameplay. To me mmo:s are a social hub and becomes so much more fun when you have ppl to hang out with. I stopped playing some fun mmo:s in the past cause I just felt to alone (that might have been me not making friends). Point being...that is why I reached out for this community. Cause I do not want this happen to this game.

But yeah, new content every now and then. Some fun ppl to play with. And am all happy for years!

Poor you guys!;)

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@TheHT: We sure have some "First world problems", dont we. Cause we cant decide what class to play in a game;)

Anyway. Big thanks for your reply. That is nice of you to take your time to write all that.

That really shed some light on that class for me. I was a bit afraid that the ranger was going to be "to much" about the pets. I personally tend not to like when to much of the control is taken from me as a player and given to minions/pets. Even thou they requires micro management and so on. I have to wonder, since GW2 combat is a lot about movement (And for me a big reason why its so fun). Isent that factor taken away for a ranger to a degree? Since you can have a Bear standing there soaking the hit for you(for some time at least)?

Really nice explanation about the weapons there also. It seems like the ranger have a few viable ones.

This is part of the reason why I was a bit disappointed with my dagger/dagger Elementalist last stress test. The enemies totally destroyed me. Was it due to lesser dmg output then the staff, or just the fact that I wasent high enough level to have any traits that supported that semi meele playstyle. Or....I might just have been sucking at playing. That is a high chance;)

Point being. Am starting to realise that what I want is a class that have at least more then one set of weapons that is viable and fun. So I dont feel like: "Oh I better take this weapon 99% of the time cause it is so superior"

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So I might as well ask in this thread.

I Have been looking at the Ranger more and more the last couple of days. Yes I have THAT MUCH problem deciding class am afraid;)

Anyone here have any Ranger feedback? Mainly PvE (pvp wont hurt thou)

1.Is it a fun class do you think? And What make it fun?

2. How is the diversity/variation in combat? I get the feeling that its just about the Bow (short and long), since it is...well, a Ranger. But was meele fun/viable?

3.Can a ranger be support? If so, what weapon and so on is that. Is it more of a healing support? Or kiting?

For me its all about finding a class that is fun with several different weapons and builds. Not "what is the most OP atm!" :)

Anyway. My humble thanks in advance guys for any replies and tips! Have a good weekend

Am back the acid mines! (work work)

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Yeah they seem to have fixed a few of the glaring issues they had when I played. Trust me. It was a LOT:)

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@Mister_V: I got my Firefall key a few days ago. THOU...the game is broken as all hell atm. As you can read on their forum, a lot of players, including me cant even continue to play due to some problem. It is beta of course. And they just changes most of the game as I understood it.

So its understandable :)

Just thought you should know

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Ah. Well good that I wasent the only one. I was actually doubting if I even should mention that in the first place. Since I thought you guys probably think me crazy or something