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The Crownsguard Officer Returns! 0

Final Fantasy XV Episode Ignis is one of the many different DLC add-ons for Final Fantasy XV. It covers the events during Chapter 9 of the base game from the character Ignis point of view.Ignis was our personal favourite character in the game so we where quite looking forward to this one and was the main reason we even decided to purchase a Season Pass.Now getting on with the content within the DLC, we where quite nicely surprised at how fun Ignis's combat abilities are, as a Dagger user he has ...

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He Had A Plan! 0

Red Dead Redemption 2 despite its name is actually a prequel to Red Dead Redemption, which come to think of it is one of the main reasons in which we decided to purchase the game, as we have never played any of the Red Dead Redemption titles, prior to this one of course. It is a Western style action game that has the main protagonist living life as a typical Outlaw in a rather vast open world.Whilst the story is rather fun and unique, it does however take a while to get interesting and for the ...

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Western Sorrow 0

Red Dead Redemption is a Western themed Cowboy game and is a spiritual successor to Red Dead Revolver which was released back in 2004.Here you control a character named John Marston who is tasked with hunting down some people he once called friends, the overall story is very interesting and one in which is focused on betrayal.We had not managed to play this title until we had managed to complete Red Dead Redemption 2 and coming from that game to this one, we are not afraid to admit we felt rath...

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Fury's Apocalypse! 0

Darksiders 3 is a prequel to Darksiders 2 in which you control a new female character named, Fury.Without going too much into the spoiler territory, Fury is tasked with taking out the seven Horseman in order to try and save War whom has been captured.Having only played Darksiders 2 in which we rather enjoyed we where eagerly looking forward to playing this one, unfortunately though it did not quite meet our satisfactory needs or wants, here is why..Whilst it was nice to see the rather addictive...

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Nostalgic but Poor 0

The Quiet Man is a game that mixes both in-game cinematic and gameplay with live action scenes.It is very rare to see a game that manages to pull this off, whilst it was more notable back in the 90s it is unfortunately not such a popular genre any more.Thus for us being able to play this managed to feel somewhat nostalgic for us, after having played similar style games back in the day.​We managed to play both the non-voiced playthrough and the voiced version too and whilst it is obvious to say ...

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You Shoot Like My Sister! 0

After playing and watching many Mafia related movies and games in the past, one cant help but get used to that good old Italian/Sicilian accent that are often used in these types of media.It for us has certainly impacted us enough to now be reminded of the Mafia whenever we hear that accent, which isn't necessarily a bad thing but it does make us enjoy various different media more if the specific accent is used for the Mafia related subjects.Unfortunately though there has been times where the a...

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Plus Ultra! 0

My Hero One's Justice is based on the hit popular Anime show, My Hero Academia or Boku no Hero Academia as it gets called in Japan.If your not aware of the Anime, it is a basic heroes versus villains show and really worth watching! We are usually not the type to enjoy many shows but this one really interests us.Now on with the review. We where really looking forward to playing this one, having really enjoyed watching the Anime thus far, this game fast became a highly anticipated game for us.How...

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This Is Worse Than Bumper Cars! 0

Mafia II - Joe's Adventures is a DLC add-on for the game Mafia II.It plays after Vito gets thrown into the slammer for reasons we will not delve into.We played this add-on DLC after we had completed the full Mafia II game, in all honesty it is probably for the best to do so anyway due to specific spoilers. Anyway after doing so we became quite fond of the character Joe, he was in fact one of our favourite characters and thus thanks to this we could not wait to play it!Playing as Joe the rather ...

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You Are Already Drunk! 0

From the makers of the Yakuza game series comes, Fist Of The North Star Lost Paradise.This game features a man known as Kenshiro who is determined to find his lost fiancée. Having sworn to find her at all costs after being defeated by his own brother and coming close to death, one can imagine the story having quite an emotional impact.For those who are all too familiar with the Yakuza game series such as ourselves you will instantly recognise quite a few of the many different mechanics an...

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Battle Of The Dragons! 0

Yakuza is known for its well written storylines and Yakuza 2 manages to show this quite well.Yakuza Kiwami 2 also known as Yakuza Extreme 2 is a fully redone remake of Yakuza 2 which was originally released on PS2 back in 2006.​Unfortunately despite owning the original on PS2 we never once played it, so the game not including the obvious make-over was a totally new experience for us.The game once again manages to feature a lot of side of content which to many comes to no real surprise as the ser...

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Snug As A Bug On A Drug! 0

We Happy Few was first released back in 2006 for the Windows PC and managed to receive mixed reviews from many different people, however we where still tempted to at least try it out and here is our verdict!At first we where a bit unsure of what we had let ourselves in for as we where instantly greeted by minor yet noticeable frame rate drops, which often enough never leads to anything good.However as the first cutscene came and went and the game actually let us be in control these minor frame r...

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Still Bloodthirsty... 0

Vampyr is set in a bleak world where a plague is forming and turning people into Vampires.The environments and soundtrack really makes you realize just how much the City of London is really suffering, every corner you turn sadness and turmoil isn't far behind.One of our personal favourite features in the game and one of which we feel has to be mentioned is the use of the 'L3' button, in which gives you an idea of where nearby npc are located as well as giving you a somewhat detailed insight as t...

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Want To Play A Game Of Lucky Hit? 0

SHENMUE I REVIEW: Shenmue HD Remaster is a direct port of the original game which was first released on the SEGA Dreamcast back in 1999Please keep in mind whilst reading this we have never played the original Shenmue game unfortunately, it is a shame and we do consider ourselves to of lived under a rock all of those years.Anyway thankfully SEGA managed to release the HD remasters of both Shenmue and Shenmue II for us to enjoy and here is our review of Shenmue.First off we are truly grateful to S...

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A Hero Is Born! 0

Captain Spirit was created as a spin-off to the Life Is Strange game series and is Developed by the team at Dontnod Entertainment, it is also a free to download game which cannot be a bad thing, right?At the start we where immediately pleased to notice the option for larger subtitles which as we enjoy playing at a distance and on a much smaller tv is something we enjoy using, but unfortunately more often than not this feature is sadly not available in many games, and thus we are often left to si...

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Android Masterclass! 0

Detroit Become Human is the fifth title created by Quantic Dream and David Cage and it may just be their best game yet...After having played all of Quantic Dream's games thus far and somewhat enjoying each title, we where really looking forward to sinking our teeth into this one and we where not disappointed.In this game you play as three different characters all of whom are Androids and all of which have their own unique personalities, each having been really well written and thus making it som...

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Kiryu's Last Ride! 0

Yakuza 6 is the 7th instalment into the main Yakuza game series and the 12th title if you include the spin offs as of May 2018.Selling a combined 500,000 units in Japan and Asia, it was also the third best selling video game in the United Kingdom during its European debut week, making it the biggest launch for the series in the UK.However despite this it seemed that the Japanese players weren't overwhelmingly happy with this one, I didn't believe them, now I've experienced it for myself I can so...

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Legion Of Flaws 0

Fallen Legion is an action RPG created by Independent Development team YummyYummyTummy who is mostly known for creating educational games for kids.At first glance the game looked rather interesting being a fan of Role Playing Games otherwise known as RPGs, I was highly looking forward to sitting down and spending some good quality time with the game.Unfortunately though it didn't take me long to loose interest in this title. The gameplay though fun and not very difficult to grasp and get used to...

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Monstertastic! 0

Prior to Monster Hunter World the Monster Hunter series was already a well known and hugely successful series having sold more than 45 million copies worldwide as of January 2018.However having only previously played a very small portion of Monster Hunter Tri on the Nintendo Wii myself, Monster Hunter World was my very first real proper plunge at a Monster Hunter title, and I must say I am in love with the game. It may even end up being my Game Of The Year for 2018 despite the fact as I write th...

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