Xbox Live Indie Games You NEED to Buy.

 The Xbox Live Indie Games Marketplace is like the wild west of the Xbox Live service. I know a lot of people who are so intimidated by the sheer massive amount of games in the channel that they straight-out refuse to even explore it for the gems that lie amongst the colossusal amounts of garbage. I, on the other hand, relish the challenging of shifting through the crap, looking for the best games that the channel has to offer. I'm starting to write reviews of Xbox Live Indie Games, but I know a lot people don’t have the time to read every review of mine, where they’d prefer to have a list that tells them what's good and what isn't. Therefore, I'm starting this list of Xbox Live Indie Games You NEED to Buy. It's designed to help people figure out what games to check out.

Now, I'm not saying "GO BUY ALL OF THESE NOW". This is merely a list to point people in the right direction of quality games that they should at least demo if they're at all interested. You may also want to YouTube some gameplay of these games, as I'm a pretty mediocre writer and thus don't usually correctly describe things properly enough for people.

Take note, this list will be updated when I play a new XBLIG so keep your eyes peeled for new games on this list! Also, I don't get to play every single Xbox Live Indie Game ever, so please recommend me some Xbox Live Indie Games so I can try them out. The more help the better, in my opinion!

If you have any questions, please ask.

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