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So the quitting gaming is very much a possibility 1.26.21 Long Live Series-X

Started new job today. Seems perfect. Sister is having a baby so i'm giving her my TV and some other things off her registry. She needs media an entertainment more than ever (i'm wondering if a tv is dangerous.. sigh) and i have a new job that i need to geek out on, can geek out on, and want to for better reasons than financial compensation. I think i'll beat Streets of Rage 4 and Scott Pilgrim and mark this chapter as paused. i got a new computer from my job and i have enough old laptops and ipads lying around that i don't need a 50" screen. I can't get a ps5 or series s anyway. Ive been on this 2D machine and i've been acquiring all kinds of games. So giving my TV to my sister almost certainly solidifies the Series-S as my relapse machine. Anyway picked up Batman: Return to Arkham and Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection so those will tide me over until i deliver her tv on friday more than likely.

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1.25.21 A new day. And I'm Batman

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Okay. So i figured it out. Batman is my most favoritist [sic] series ever. I've been kidding myself. I like Telltale Games (well not the investment banker led company.. quite yet) and the only ones I've beaten completely were taless from the borderlands, the wolf among us, and batman the enemy within. I recently watched the Burton Batman and got all the same feels that i did as a kid. Even the grunts and ancillary sound effects register as familiar. An NES game that broke my heart as a kid was the Batman game. I loved the Batman vs Superman movie. That is probably my first digital movie purchase that wasn't part of a Blu-Ray or DVD bundle. I think the movie came out early on digital, so watershed moment. No regrets and I've gotten my money's worth out of it. Even the newest Batman with Twinkle (Robbie Patterson) intrigues me. I normally don't watch trailers for movies I want to see but pandemic got me being strange. That is a absolutely a trailer I would have saved for the theatre. Younger me might have plugged my ears and gone 'wah wah wah' or left the theatre so i could watch the movie in its purity without trailer spoilers. I loved Arkham Knight and althought (to date) the PS5 and Series X can't unlock the framerate beyond 30 it still might be my game of the generation that is not PUBG. Also the bat tank is f-ing brilliant and may be the first time I realized my preferences might greatly diverge from those of people that I very much respect, the professionals of Giant Bomb. I might go back and 100% AK. The Riddler trophies seem poised to be right up my alley except I used to not be an easily frustrated not-so patient gamer that didn't read directions or play well with puzzle. Also, I wanted to mainline the game because I LOVE BATMAN and it came at me so fast that aint nobody got time for that. There are so many villain's to unlock and minor storylines to follow that I was okay leaving them behind because here I am now, salivating. I remember reading Death in the Family as a kid but I dropped out of caring about comics and videogames as I set myself up for success by learning Latin and studying for the SAT and doing general life stuff that serves you well, later. Well I've been served and now I need to back and see what I miss. I even go the most anime looking wallet depicting batman that I apparently wasn't too ashamed to pick up in the first place. I regret cancelling HBO max because there is soooo much DC content to be found there. I didn't know I liked DC better than Marvel. Iron Man 1 is a terrible movie and everything but Guardians 1 and maybe Captain America and the Winter Soldier on the Marvel side are just trash. I picked up Injustice 1 and 2 and will likely buy the Batman 4K blu ray collection despite them not including digital copies of the movie (frown face). I still haven't seen the newest batman because I was going through a phase where I felt like movies weren't important. So I've only really ever seen portions of Batman (we will call it 3 cuz I don't even know.. Dark Knight Rises). I enjoyed the 1st movie and recall a friend making us late (Batman Begins.. Shaw).. and me being unreasonably pissed. But hey, they would have been completely wiped from my memory if it wasn't for that. IDK I guess I'm breaking my 2D only clause and going full steam into Batman. I've even picked up some of the DC overly priced per hour of entertainment cartoons and really really like them. I'm off to Gamestop to see if i can get the Arkham Returns Collection (I did) or some shit.

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Xbox finally gets with it

Modern life is about walking back statements. Well what i meant isn't really what i meant. This is what 45 has wrought. So Xbox Live is now going to allow free-to-play games to be free on their system. So the Rocket Leagues and Fortnite games of the world no longer require a $120 $60 a year subscription. This really doesn't affect me too much. However it does erode my desire to get a PS5. I knew i was eventually going to get a PS5 because as much as I'd love to have a home that doesn't have internet it doesn't seem like a reasonable possibility. So in 10 years when i'm in my 50s i don't think it's reasonable to assume that i will have purged videogames from my life. I do think that I will still have consoles if for no other reason than watching and rewatching blu-rays. (Have you been to a thrift store? Old media isn't going anywhere in our lifetimes). I think it will be great to watch movies on a projector without worrying about stream quality or the incessant ads that they will inevitably feed us. I worked at a movie theatre for about 10 years so if nothing else i think i will like to watch movies that i know i swept up popcorn or kicked patrons out and almost got fired (Taken 2). Or tried to get fresh in. If the old movie theatre model dies (there will probably still be Alamo drafthouse and i'll gladly drive to one of those like i'm driving to epcot center) I will have my own unperturbed movie consumption model and we will be sharewaring the shit out of the media we all have. Anyway. 2D games are quite the spectacle and i've got more on my radar.

Kentucky Route Zero


Return of the Obra Dinn

Mother Russia Bleeds isn't on Xbox so dead to me.

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1.21.20 Sometimes I Wonder Man

Pokemon Go honestly needs a refresh or I'm not spending a dime on it again. Those raids have been a joke for years and i'm so glad i invested in IRL raids with Pokemon Go than what is probably happening in Destiny 2 or other online games sitting in front of a screen *prayer emoji*

2D games are so much a better use of my time. And though i have both a digital and disc ps5 in my basket for bestbuy (virtually of course) i can't justify those 2 purchases. Dozens of hours on 3D games just feels real dump.

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1.20.21 when story mode is 1 story mode

Started playing Mortal Kombat XL and I was hoping to play through as Jason and have him have a storyline. I don't think that's going to happen. This storyline has quicktime events before you throw the first punch. I hate quicktime. In other news, the realtor is really pissing me off. I'm asking only to see houses with gas heating and cooking and the ability to dig a pool. Piss poor.

Really committed to the 2D only vibe for 2021. It suits my attention span really well. Kind of disappointed in the categories for GOTY. Some of the guest GOTY guest list hit the mark so i guess I'm happy. Picked up Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy in hopes of loving the series and an opportunity write some lengthy reviews and to do a Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time review. I think i've picked up most 2D games so now it's time to execute.

My 2020 game list will come out soon. Just have to make a supercut of audio

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1.19.21 Been Away + Infinite Loop of NeverSoft

Something that is Neversoft is something that is always hard. Yet the literal opposite of 'never soft' is 'always hard.' How can the definition and opposite of something be the same thing. Well anyway. Picking up Scott Pilgrim Vs The World today and looking forward to Cyber Shadow. Scott Pilgrim got me through a very tough time. Well the soundtrack did. I really want the double dragon+kunio collection but i can't justify the $40. I picked up Mortal Kombat (XL) which reminds me i need to install it after which I will get Mortal Kombat 11 Aftermath. I'm also downloading Injustice 1 and Injustice 2. I also picked up the sega genesis collection with 50 games from the genesis era. I'm most interested in Gain Ground which was a game that I always sought out in arcades after seeing it for the first time. I'm really very interested in fighting games and if i can find the complete collection of a game on disc (so i don't have to barter in dlc) then it's on.

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Can i play Double Dragon Kunio Kun collection on Xbox One

Can i play Kunio Kun on my Xbox One if I but it from the Hong Kong Xbox store? I'm pumped for Scott Pilgrim and somehow the algorithm pointed me to some of my older favorite games. Whilst y'all were playing JRPGs i'm over here playing Super Dodgeball and Super Spike V'ball (which from the giantbomb database is not a kunio kun game so not part of this collection.. hmm) A personal shame of mine is not beating River City Ransom. Well now here's my chance.

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French Toast and 2D games

Can i include racing games in my 2D 2021 journey? 2D games have a pull on me like no other. I want to uninstall unravel but there is no way i can let this game break me. There's just no way I can let unravel have dominion over my life like that. It seems like 2D games are going to stay on my harddrive forever. It might be the reason I just use a new account for a future Series X.

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1.12.21 Yo, This game is too hard

Tried to start Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair. And i gave up after about an hour. It's for kids so i can dismiss my willingness to persevere on it's too juvenile. Truth, it was too hard and i died multiple times. Oh well, moving on to Ori and the Blind Forest the beginning was as touching as I've heard on podcasts. Gamepass will let me close the loop on the games i know alot about but never played. Got bored of Ori hand holding and am moving over to Volgarr. The sidescrolling Dark Souls.

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1.9.21 On hating authored content

I was super dissapointed with unravel and the difficulty through obscurity it presented 20 minutes into the game. I am not going through with that. I am contemplating going to to the movies to see the 1984 Karate Kid at theatres but I've seen it recently with director commentary. I can't suspend belief after a director's commentary. I'm thinking about playing Ori and then Streets of Rage 4, Battletoads right before my hype for scott pilgrim on January 14th. 2D21

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