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1.25.21 A new day. And I'm Batman

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Okay. So i figured it out. Batman is my most favoritist [sic] series ever. I've been kidding myself. I like Telltale Games (well not the investment banker led company.. quite yet) and the only ones I've beaten completely were taless from the borderlands, the wolf among us, and batman the enemy within. I recently watched the Burton Batman and got all the same feels that i did as a kid. Even the grunts and ancillary sound effects register as familiar. An NES game that broke my heart as a kid was the Batman game. I loved the Batman vs Superman movie. That is probably my first digital movie purchase that wasn't part of a Blu-Ray or DVD bundle. I think the movie came out early on digital, so watershed moment. No regrets and I've gotten my money's worth out of it. Even the newest Batman with Twinkle (Robbie Patterson) intrigues me. I normally don't watch trailers for movies I want to see but pandemic got me being strange. That is a absolutely a trailer I would have saved for the theatre. Younger me might have plugged my ears and gone 'wah wah wah' or left the theatre so i could watch the movie in its purity without trailer spoilers. I loved Arkham Knight and althought (to date) the PS5 and Series X can't unlock the framerate beyond 30 it still might be my game of the generation that is not PUBG. Also the bat tank is f-ing brilliant and may be the first time I realized my preferences might greatly diverge from those of people that I very much respect, the professionals of Giant Bomb. I might go back and 100% AK. The Riddler trophies seem poised to be right up my alley except I used to not be an easily frustrated not-so patient gamer that didn't read directions or play well with puzzle. Also, I wanted to mainline the game because I LOVE BATMAN and it came at me so fast that aint nobody got time for that. There are so many villain's to unlock and minor storylines to follow that I was okay leaving them behind because here I am now, salivating. I remember reading Death in the Family as a kid but I dropped out of caring about comics and videogames as I set myself up for success by learning Latin and studying for the SAT and doing general life stuff that serves you well, later. Well I've been served and now I need to back and see what I miss. I even go the most anime looking wallet depicting batman that I apparently wasn't too ashamed to pick up in the first place. I regret cancelling HBO max because there is soooo much DC content to be found there. I didn't know I liked DC better than Marvel. Iron Man 1 is a terrible movie and everything but Guardians 1 and maybe Captain America and the Winter Soldier on the Marvel side are just trash. I picked up Injustice 1 and 2 and will likely buy the Batman 4K blu ray collection despite them not including digital copies of the movie (frown face). I still haven't seen the newest batman because I was going through a phase where I felt like movies weren't important. So I've only really ever seen portions of Batman (we will call it 3 cuz I don't even know.. Dark Knight Rises). I enjoyed the 1st movie and recall a friend making us late (Batman Begins.. Shaw).. and me being unreasonably pissed. But hey, they would have been completely wiped from my memory if it wasn't for that. IDK I guess I'm breaking my 2D only clause and going full steam into Batman. I've even picked up some of the DC overly priced per hour of entertainment cartoons and really really like them. I'm off to Gamestop to see if i can get the Arkham Returns Collection (I did) or some shit.

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