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Xbox finally gets with it

Modern life is about walking back statements. Well what i meant isn't really what i meant. This is what 45 has wrought. So Xbox Live is now going to allow free-to-play games to be free on their system. So the Rocket Leagues and Fortnite games of the world no longer require a $120 $60 a year subscription. This really doesn't affect me too much. However it does erode my desire to get a PS5. I knew i was eventually going to get a PS5 because as much as I'd love to have a home that doesn't have internet it doesn't seem like a reasonable possibility. So in 10 years when i'm in my 50s i don't think it's reasonable to assume that i will have purged videogames from my life. I do think that I will still have consoles if for no other reason than watching and rewatching blu-rays. (Have you been to a thrift store? Old media isn't going anywhere in our lifetimes). I think it will be great to watch movies on a projector without worrying about stream quality or the incessant ads that they will inevitably feed us. I worked at a movie theatre for about 10 years so if nothing else i think i will like to watch movies that i know i swept up popcorn or kicked patrons out and almost got fired (Taken 2). Or tried to get fresh in. If the old movie theatre model dies (there will probably still be Alamo drafthouse and i'll gladly drive to one of those like i'm driving to epcot center) I will have my own unperturbed movie consumption model and we will be sharewaring the shit out of the media we all have. Anyway. 2D games are quite the spectacle and i've got more on my radar.

Kentucky Route Zero


Return of the Obra Dinn

Mother Russia Bleeds isn't on Xbox so dead to me.

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