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First Review of 2D21 and I'm voting for fun! 0

Welcome to 2 D 2 1 (2 dimension in the year 2021)Haters vanquished. In my mild corner of the internet I review games and spout what I want about games. I'm newly employed after having the worst boss in 3 decades of employment. I’ve started a new job in what could be my last job ever (not in compensation but in achievement, challenge, and self-worth). That is an amazing feeling. There are people in my life that I can click block on my phone and never look back. 3rd-person and First Person ...

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Save Scum and See The World 2

Oh No! I’ve found a game that preys on my perfectionism. Branching paths have been a part of my media consumption since my youth. Choose your own adventure books like The Cave of Time by Edward Packard were big in the Scholastic Book Sales program. Turn to page 17 if you choose this route or turn to page 37 if you’d rather do the alternative. There are probably mountains of books that are partially read at my parent’s house There’s so much to see here but the achievement...

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Agents of Mayhem 2 0

How Much to Beat? (This is the modern, ‘The Dictionary Defines’) says Crackdown 3 takes 6.5 hours to beat. It’s hard for me to want to replay a game. A Lot of times games gatekeep all of their skills and the coolest aspects until the last quarter of a game. New game plus should give me powers from the get go. Crackdown 3 hampers you so early in the beginning it is no surprise that an achievement I unlocked (Call in the Cavalry) had 5.09% as percentage done by t...

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Bow before the dual wield 0

No Inspiration NecessaryThe failings of this game are purely in their failure to recognize the nostalgia factor for games. I'm slowly starting to realize that in the hiring process of talent for a lot of games has little to do with experience playing anything in the series. We love to celebrate the pedigree of certain studios when we don't know what the actually staffing looks like throughout the years. The Zenimax purchase might be in name alone, with only the janitor from the formative years b...

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Et Tu Brutalist? 0

This game was a games with gold title. At only 3.5 hours long my frustration with a few of the puzzles meant I left the game before i completed it, because I'm better than a strategy guide. Coming back to this game after only a year (it was a July 2019 games with gold, phew this pandemic) [All Games with Gold Titles to Date. Best feature of Xbox One generation] . The visual art style is amazing. The redundant nature of platformers like Mario aren't for me. If Im doing something sidescrolling i'd...

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The Brands are Coming For Us 0

Reviews about videogames help me focus my thoughts about things having nothing to do with videogames. Since even the most read of reviews receives nary a comment it is safe to deposit my thoughts on everything here in diary form . You should find correlations throughout life with life. The amount of free-time that i have after becoming underemployed has been staggering, but i still do not have enough time.Today is the day after cyberpunk 2077 announced their 3rd delay. I promptly went down to my...

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No SoCal Commentary in So So Game. 0

The barometer for gauging when you got old is fairly blurry. Maybe it’s when you get a remake of a game that you were a teen when it originally came out. For me, it’s when your body no longer heals. I remember breaking bones and to this day I have to actively remember which bones they were. I healed perfectly and seamlessly. I lost no functionality. Getting old is when that ceases to happen.I beat Tony Hawk 1 + 2. No, I didn't beat all the goals. I unlocked all the levels that I care...

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Can you make do with just a Slice? 0

The single-player campaign is just a slice of what’s available to you when you play Star Wars Battlefront 2 (SWBF2). It’s kind of upsetting that the game leans so heavily on the multiplayer. In fact, the entire user experience surfaces multiplayer stuff. When I used to walk into an arcade as a kid the distinction was pretty clear on what was multiplayer and what was single player based on the number of joysticks on the cabinet. I guess in 2017 the onus is on the player to do their re...

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Domesticated Dog Eats Dog Domesticated World 0

The earnestness in Bully and details such as gaining momentum on a hill while riding a bike comes from a crop of creators and innovators first instead of accountants and data analysis first. I have not finished the game as I write this paragraph but this game is looking like a *****/***** game. A possible 9.7 out of 10. I was torn between playing this Wasteland 3, Tony Hawk, Outerwilds, and PUBG. Somehow I ended up on a game from 2006.I wish I could pin down when I heard about kissing boys in th...

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