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Anything good coming out?

As I was queueing at midnight for my Halo Reach I stood and watched the rolling trailer on the TV inside the Game store, lots of trailers but most of the trailers were just dull. I appreciate trailers do not reflect gameplay but nothing grabbed me. 
The new Final Fantasy MMORPG thing, looks good but olde worlde look with modern technology flying machines, it's been done a thousand times, okay so it's not been done with Chocobo's but still. 
Vanquish, plays good sure but it just looks like someone played Gears of War and Lost Planet and though it'd be cool to mash them into one. 
Quantum something, just reminded me of Damnation from last year. 
Epic Mickey, what a waste of time, it's a trailer of paint splodges that after 20 seconds splodge into the shape of Mickey Mouse's ears. Thanks 


This is MY problem with Xbox Live


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I realise that f**ktards online and trolling have existed since the internet began, but it still saddens me that 2 people think it's funny to make accounts like that, and that at least 2 or 3 other people thought it was okay to play with them, including Fiesty Fairy who if she had any decency would have found someone else to play with.

Medal of Honour

I've just seen a rather nice video ad for this game on the Escapist website. From all accounts it's going to be two different games, the single player and multiplayer using different engines. I can't shake the feeling that the single player game is going to be full of 'Call of Duty' style action set-pieces and the game itself is going to be good enough to actually rival Modern Warfare 2, but the multiplayer won't.


Force Unleashed II

I just watched the E3 trailer for this game, and it looks good but I really don't see it being a massive improvement and considering the first game screwed me over with the whole 'crash a star destroyer into a planet' thing I'm wondering how they're going to screw me this time.


Since when were cheats DLC?

Okay so I know this is nothing new but it still bugs me just the same. While checking out the Playstation store I see a Tiger Woods 11 section, so I look and see that for a small fee you can unlock 11 courses, or some clothes, or some clubs, the game isn't even out in Europe till tomorrow. I know this isn't the first time EA have done this but it does seem to me to be just EA doing it, and doing it for all the big games. Christ I can remember when you had to have 3 thumbs and move the sticks while pushing buttons and singing songs just to unlock a stupid 'big head' mode but at least it was free, now you have to pay for it, I dread to think where this will all end.


New Releases

Okay there are 2 games out this week that I'm going to buy or have, Transformers: War for Cybertron is okay but not as good as I hoped, tomorrow I get Naughty Bear, I hope this is as good as it looks. Singularity is also out this week but it doesn't take a genius to work out it's an above average shooter at best.


Naughty Bear

Looking at the videos on here I am really really REALLY looking forward to naughty bear. A) Because it's about a bear who kills bears in a comedicly violent manner and B) it has bear violent in it. Apparently it releases this week :D :D :D :D :D


Deus Ex 3

After seeing the latest trailer for Deus Ex 3 I really really REALLY hope this is a true sequel to the original games, I loved Mass Effect 2 but they totally dumbed down the actual RPG element of the game and I'd hate to see that happen with this.

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