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Perfect Action Adventure, Grievous 3rd Person Shooter 1

Perfect Action Adventure, Grievous 3rd Person Shooter. Perfectly sums up my sentiments on Uncharted 3's singleplayer campaign.My frowns were frequent. Just as frequent as getting a shotgun blast to the back from some random guntug coming out of nowhere. I've seldomly called bullshit on encounter design more often than in Uncharted 3.Why a 5 star review then? Uncharted 3 makes me happy. From incredulous laugh-out-loud happy going through another insanely awesome action setpiece to gleefully smili...

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Desperado meets Ninja Gaiden in the Second Dimension 12

Shank is a stunningly beautiful and bloody gorefest with few flaws...    Cassandra - showing off more than just Shank's sexy artstyle... Premise:   Shank is about stabbin' and shootin' dudes in the face in a gory and elegantly over the top manner Shank is about its comic artstyle presentation with supersmoothly animated combat choreography Shank is about hip pulp fiction story à la Desperado and Machete   Pros:   Gorgeous visuals Comic artstyle Top of class animations Deep and int...

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What might put you off... 0

First off - Bayonetta is as amazing as everybody says it is...   Bayonetta - the supersexy and uberconfindent umbran bulletwitch you play as Disclaimer: Played 360 version - First playthrough on Normal difficulty in about 12 hours - then went on to play a little on Hard, Very Easy and Easy difficulty.  Premise:  Bayonetta is a linear over the top sexy action game featuring a fluid combo heavy combatsystem focusing on allout offensive gameplay. Any well timed defensive action will trigger Witcht...

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If I Made Zelda My Way - It Turn Out To Be Darksiders 1

Darksiders in a nutshell...Premise:Darksiders is a Zelda-type game presented in a colorful dark fantasy comic artstyle. It has tasteful amounts of blood and gore, without overdoing it. In addition to classic dungeoneering and exploration, Darksiders brings a fully fledged combat and upgrade system to the table. Much like modern straightforward Hack 'n Slay games, such as God of War and Devil May Cry.Execution:Darksiders delivers almost perfectly on its premise.Dungeons. They are big. Up to 5 hou...

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It's like an exclusive club with a though bouncer 0

Gaining entry is freaking hard, but once you're in and start picking up the dance moves, you'll start moving up in the world.  Demon's Souls has it down - the crack-cocaine addictiveness of an MMO. MMOs are generally quite frustrating at the beginning. There's a mountain of information to work through and ravines of depth to be explored. The further the player progresses, the less frustrating the game becomes. The difference between initial frustration and current frustration is usually being un...

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Wilde Ride - Not Gentle 1

 Generally - I really like Need for Speed : Shift. Nothing in racing games was ever so exciting than 16x Bugatti Veyron 16.4 racing down the Nordschleife (Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Invitational). Quite frankly, it might be too exciting. The extreme sense of speed, the unforgiving, volatile driving physics, the very aggressive AI and the lack of a rewind function turn one single lap (7min+) on the Nordschleife into living hell. Well - that's what I wanted. That's what I got.  Need for Speed : Shift is ...

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