“This is Team Razor – The LZ is potentially still hot”

(This is a retelling of a Teamwork Comes First ([TCF]) Op I took part in earlier today (28/06/09). It should be pointed out this was from the viewpoint of a forward special forces unit so some of this report may not be accurate. Any TCF members, feel free to correct me. Also pics were not taken by me. This will not be the case next time)

This was the first mission by the Marines in this area of Chernaus. Two fireteams (supported by transport helicopters) and elements of Team Razor had be ordered to capture a village in the central area. In addition, they had an optional objective to eliminate an insurgent motor pool, to prevent a possible counter attack. The two fire teams would arrive via a UH-1 Venom into an LZ that had been cleared by Team Razor. Then one group would break off to attack the motor pool and the other would get to a meeting point and prepare for an attack on the village.

Team Razor were already in the LZ, and had supplies including a US launchers equipment box. TR2 (Team Razor 2) collected a SMAW and then the combined group set out to sweep and are. And here we encountered a problem. The LZ was a mixture of thick woodland and open grass areas. Insurgents were scattered throughout the area. For all we know, a whole platoon of the bastards could be behind the scattered houses close to the road. So we set off up the hill. Suddenly, we spotted a ghillie suited figure out in the open. Dropping to our bellies, me and TR2 waited before engaging making sure he hadn’t spotted us. After dropping him, we carried on. Until a crack rang out across the valley. Hitting the deck and turning, I looked for my squad mate. I couldn’t see him. Next thing I knew, a sniper round had ripped my head open.

Respawing, I met up with my squad to attempt to retry our clearing op. Before we could continue though, the Venom swooped over our head, obviously on a landing run. I reported the situation into all the fire team commanders and the pilot. “This is Team Razor – The LZ is potentially still hot”. Everyone took it in their stride – there were no cries about Razor’s failure. The first fireteam moved out of the LZ, while the helo returned to bring the second fire team in. Razor met up with the 1st FT before advancing towards a meeting point, near an electrical substation. However, before we could get there fully, the damn snipers opened up on us forcing us to attempt to fight back. Unfortunately, I was trying to spot the snipers and so grabbed a bullet with my forehead. Again, respawn.

Finally, we get to the meeting point. Worryingly, the area was covered in US marine dead. However I managed to meet up with my buddy and we set off to recon the objective. Over the radio we heard the second fireteam had eliminated the motorpool. Some technicals had escaped, but US firepower forced them back. We came close to the village and into a pitched gun battle. At this point, due to a lack of communication, I accidentally shot my team mate, confusing him with the local insurgents scattered amongst the tree. After meeting up again, we reached the south side of the village. The rest of the group was scattered, with fire teams intermixed, but at least we were on top of the objective. After fighting the insurgents out, we captured the centre of the village. Then a radio message appeared.

An armoured column of T-72s tanks and BRDM armoured cars had heard the gun battle and so had come to push us back. Both fireteams grabbed all the AT ammo they good. Most troopers picked up RPGs and disposable AT-4s. Me and TR2 had found ourselves in the possession of a Javelin AT missile and a SMAW, the beefed up tank killing weapons. We sat and waited. Unfortunately, I was killed again by a sniper in the woods. So I had to trek back to the village. Thankfully, a Blackhawk managed to pick me up, meaning less walking time. From it we started to attempt to workout where the enemy armour would arrive from. I exited the vehicle before we spotted them and took up my position in the back garden of a cottage.

The Blackhawk pilot suddenly saw the armour moving along the southern road. Before he could exit the area, a MG burst ripped off the rear rotor, forcing him to crash into the grass near the orginial LZ. This distraction revealed their position. As one, everyone’s AT weapons turned towards the road. They crept over the top of the hill and started towards the village. Our commander was on the radio saying “wait, wait, let them get closer… FIRE”. My Javelin fired and flew towards the lead tank. It hit, lighting it up. Seen as my only round had been fired, I bade a hasty retreat. TR2 attempted to fire at another tank with his SMAW, but was cut down. Intending to administer first aid or at least take the AT weapon, I ran out to him. Realising he was dead, I took the SMAW and turned around. A T-72 had edged round the corner and was rotating its turret. I didn’t even have enough time to aim before it’s main gun ripped me to pieces. When I respawned I was too far away from the fight to be effective. Judging by the leaders chat I could hear, we almost were overrun. But we held off, knocking out all the T-72s. By the time I got the the village, I had picked up an AT-4, hoping to be useful. But the other teams had knocked out all the BRDMs apart from one, whose crew had bailed out. Seen as nearly no one else had an AT device, I asked permission to destroy the last BRDM as it was to damaged to be useful despite our downed pilots best effort. Having been granted permission, I made sure the area was clear. Once it was, I pulled the trigger. The rocket flew and exploded. At first I thought I’d missed. But then a dull crump, followed by and explosion ripped it apart. Mission Accomplished.

(This is the first part of a campaign we are running at TCF with mission being made by Chargat and/or Cheditor. I intend fully to continue relating our tales of military brilliance and incompetence each week)

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