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Now beat a Soulsborne with a three year old and an infant! Everything else is easy.

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Unsung Heroes

These are games that were perhaps not given the attention deserved by even the gaming community for such good, if not surprisingly well put together experiences.

List items

  • This is one of the best platformers that I've ever played, has very balanced leveling system. No one has played this game, and it is one of the best of last generation, I guarantee you.

  • Again, not exactly hated among gamer communities, but such a comprehensively fantastic game, it deserves far more attention than it receives.

  • Okay, yes this game got rave reviews all over, but this game sucked me in in a way that's still lingering a year later. No game ever does this to me, but I truly thirst for more.

  • I was able to play a game about growing flowers and actually get defensive about how great it was. This game is by far the best DS game I think I've ever played.

  • Have you ever played these? Yes, they're minigame collections, but they are all fantastically made with some great charm and very simple puzzle elements in the world map part.

  • A crazy brawler that made me furious at myself for losing. Great style, hilarious when fighting the lesser known rappers, and GODDAMNIT SEAN PAUL. Stellar game though.

  • Short of having Mesal Gear Solid, the whole franchise of Ape Escape has always had fantastic humor and even more addicting gameplay.

  • This is actually the reason why I made this list. Granted, the story is horrendously generic (the bad guy's name is Keith), but the devil-may-cry like gameplay is surprisingly creative and was a very great romp.

  • This game plays EXACTLY like the SNES power rangers game (the original, not the movie one). Only way to describe it, and it's great.

  • A thorough, customizable battle game. Has nothing to do with running. Probably the best Sonic spinoff game.

  • This game and its sequel are Castlevania clones. If that's your thing, these are some of the best iterations of such a genre in the past couple generations.

  • A weapon-focused dungeon crawler. Make your own weapon, repairing, then tales-of-phantasia like fighting. Magnificent.

  • For a new 2-d fighting game franchise on the DS to succeed not only surprised me, but made me do something I rarely do: master the game.

  • I will always stand by this real crazy platformer where your weapon is shaking.

  • An old school but very satisfying action-adventure game

  • Maybe a secret love of mine, but it starts with "Kick their asses!", so you know it's good.

  • This and Rub Rabbits are some of the most enjoyable DS minigames to start off with on the handheld. The style is also adorable.

  • Who knew an Onimusha brawler game would succeed? May be biased here due to the Megaman inclusion.


  • A REALLY quick rhythm game, but easily worth the ride if that's your thing.