Last Airbender movie --My own version

Crews :
Director : Yuen Woo-Ping
Films : The Forbidden Kingdoms, Fearless, Kill Bill, The Matrix
Reason : Kung Fu matters.
Writter : any writters from shows like Ice Age, Spiderman 2, ..action movies with good humor
Matrial Arts Coreograph : Sifu Kisu
Aang, Katara, Zuko and Iroh's cast should know how to do Kung Fu
Aang : some little kid 12 years old who looks like Aston Chen
Katara : some indian young tween who looks like ... well, i dont follow bollywood
Zuko : some Asian teen actor who looks like Bruce Lee
Iroh : Jackie Chan or Anthony Wong will do
Ozai :  Jackson Lui Hsiu-hsien
Azula : some asian tween actor..
Zhao : David Chiang
i'll take a break. the list will be edited.
any good suggestion will be accepted...