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I plan to eventually get it, but Dragon Quest XI.

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@49th said:

I hate the use of /s, it cheapens the joke. I just assume everyone is being sarcastic all the time on the internet.

The /s is there for people that don't get sarcasm, so they don't @ you without requiring you to tell them not to @ you. /s

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I think Black Panther is the best MCU movie, but it’s only my second favorite Marvel movie. Spider-Man is my favorite superhero, so I’m biased towards Homecoming. It’s a close second.

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Do you mean something like a soundbar or soundbase? Maybe soundstand?

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@ffenix said:

EXACTLY THIS. I don't have kids, but I have a nephew, and he and his friends in school are WAY into STEM toys. We're definitely too old for this, but kindergarten and elementary school kids will eat this up. Now, whether or not Nintendo will stick around with this idea long enough is going to be interesting. I hope they stay in this STEM toy market for the long haul, on top of what they're doing with traditional video games.

@mostman said:

Holy shit. Folks. If you don’t have kids, don’t post before thinking. The market for STEM Toys is exploding. This is right in that wheelhouse. It’s not about the games. It’s not about accessories for other games. Christ. It’s a STEM robotics kit. They will sell a literal billion of these.

I’m laughing out loud at people asking what games will support this or if the games with just be trash mini games. Their primary press photo is a Dad building one of these with his son. Ask yourself, why?

If you don’t have kids and don’t understand what this thing is, google STEM toys or robotic kits. If you end up on don’t be surprised. “Oh yeah. These guys. Makerbot. I remember that.”

Yep. And I see a lot of people saying the same thing: this seems expensive for a bunch of cardboard. They're ignoring that these are kits that come with software. These aren't meant to support other games, this is the "game." And being cardboard allows kids to customize the hell out of these things.

I don't have kids myself, so I wouldn't buy this for myself, but I would buy this for my nieces and nephew. I've bought them plenty of STEM toys in the past.

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Honestly, I thought this was one of the best years in gaming that I can remember going far back to my Atari years, only to be followed up by the worst game of the year deliberations on Giant Bomb.

I felt there were a lot more bad arguments made this year both for and against games that were often hypocritical or repetitive. I’m not a fan of a game being blocked because one person is adamant that a game doesn’t belong at a specific spot, when the larger consensus is that it is fine there. That wasn’t just Abby with Nier, but also Jeff with Zelda. Or that a game must be at a specific spot before deliberations, ignoring more than two people.

This was the 10th GOTY for Giant Bomb. When I look back at the previous nine winners, I probably agree with less than half of the winners. But I could always respect how the decisions were made based on both the arguments made at the time and the merits of the games, even if they were not my personal favorites. I can’t say that this year.

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This is why it seems like PUBG won the site’s Premium Subscriber Best Streamed Game of the Year to me.

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Every Friday, I'm let down that it isn't out on the Switch yet. (My gaming PC is dead, and I can't afford to build a new one right now.)

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@humanity: That would have been a great choice compared to what they did with the story.

I told my friend that the New Order should have given Poe and Finn medals for accomplishing what they couldn't do themselves. They managed to reduce the resistance down to the capacity of the Millennium Falcon and remove Luke Skywalker from the picture. About the only "positive" thing their incompetence managed to do was set up Phantom Menace 2.