Limbo, kind of meh

It is that time of year again, where Microsoft releases there barrage of awesome downloadable games. I usually download most of them, leaving out one or two that I wasn’t really excited about. This year all seem interesting, but no must downloads. All titles I am going to wing it and try and see what catches my interest, all except Limbo. I knew this was going to be something special from the screenshots, trailers, and even reviews. It was going to be that experience that stuck with me long after finishing it, much like Braid or Shadow Complex were. That one title that stands above the rest of the already high quality stack of games. Sadly I was as the title of this post shows, disappointed. Right off the bat they drop you in this world you are slowly revealing with natives and giant spiders. But very quickly does it change to a bland enviroments with clever and difficult puzzles. Do not get me wrong I enjoy the puzzles, solving them really does feel satisfying. But the game loses everything that made the first part of the game feel really cool. It was just boxes, ladders and saws. the world felt very bland to me, I soon found myself bored and no longer interested in this world I was intrigued about in the beginning. I originally thought maybe it was the difficult puzzles maybe frustrating me wanting to move on to the next big thing. But even when I was quickly flying threw everything with the easier parts, I just had no interest in continuing on. Finishing the game felt more of a chore than a enjoyable experience. I will maybe try again in another sit threw to see if maybe that will stick that time. But it sure as hell didn’t do it the first time. 
Saying all that I would like to say I do appreciate the art style of the game. It is very different from most titles out there and is down right beautiful.  
I will now finish off saying that I am not saying GiantBombs 5/5 review is wrong, just different. This is one of the few occasions where I find myself in the minority and understand most people absolutely love this game. But this time, this game is not for me. Funny enough is I am having a blast with Hydro Thunder, which some people are calling it cheap and not worth downloading. Remember people, a review is just one persons opinion.


The Microsoft Cirque du Soleil thingy thing.

Most of you who read this I am sure have heard the Bombcast where some of the guys were talking about there experience with this event. They shared there thoughts and opinions so I thought would share mine.  So here it goes.
Well that was... Um, interesting I guess.     I can not say I hated it, I can not say I enjoyed it. I believe Ryan said it best when he described it as an "experience". First going into this thing, I had no idea what to expect. I had no idea what the crowd size would be like, if Natal/Kinect would be even playable, or if it was going to be even just a demonstration or show. But when we got in and got are weird shoulder pad Sancho like items, right then and there I expected it to be the spectacle that it turned out to be. I felt like we were all in one big cult getting ready for a mass suicide. Once inside is when you see the Cirque du Soleil like dancer and environment. It was green and foresty everywhere with monitors. So then we waited. 
Most of what you heard the guys say on the podcast was pretty dead on from my experience as well. Since I went the second night with a crowd of mostly fans who were invited instead of the gaming press, the crowd seemed more stoked over the whole demonstration. Star Wars of course got a big old cheer.  
Like I said overall it was something I will not forget. Still not sold on this Kinect though. I will have to wait to see a game that makes having the device a necessity for a wonderful gaming experience. If there will be such a game, I am guessing it will be at least another year after the product is out for someone to make such a game and not such a bunch of "family friendly" like mini game collections. But at least I got a 2GB flash drive with an avatar helicopter award and a little stuffed panther as a reward. sigh.


Opening post

I used to blog a whole mess back in the day on different game website. Had no problems finding things to chat about. But now that I am here again, I've got nothing. For now.