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It's ok. 0

+ Few cool moments with dlc character in the game+ You get a pretty sweet laser assault rifle.+ If you are really into the ME Universe, it is kind of cool learning about the Protheans- The dlc mission itself is pretty lame- Very short, can be done in little under half hour- Kind of pricey for what it is for ten bucks...

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Good Ending, but not Great. 0

Sadly I did not have the same experience that many people who loved it had. Also unlike the other 90% out there, I was fine with the ending. Yes there was plot holes, was kind of hooky, and very vague, but I enjoyed it.What I was not fine with is how boring the actual game was. There was too much go to this area and fight Cerberus off and not enough memorable story moments. There were times(especially in the end) where I was just getting bored and just wanted the next story portion to continue. ...

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Limbo, kind of meh 1

Right off the bat they drop you in this world you are slowly revealing with natives and giant spiders. But very quickly does it change to a bland enviroments with clever and difficult puzzles. Do not get me wrong I enjoy the puzzles, solving them really does feel satisfying. But the game loses everything that made the first part of the game feel really cool. It was just boxes, ladders and saws. the world felt very bland to me, I soon found myself bored and no longer interested in this world I wa...

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Nice! 0

Like almost every other review out there, this game came out of no where and was a big surprise. Graphics were pretty, controls felts good, and it's only ten bucks. It could also be the lack of an arcade flying like game. We have come things that are close, but nothing that really just took the complexity of it all a notch or two to have the masses enjoy it. And that is what this game does perfectly, after my first matches I knew how to dodge heat seeker missiles, dodge enemy fire, and what weap...

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