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Street Fighter IV for the Xbox 360 0

Knowledge of game beforehand: I had never played a Street Fighter game. I had never seen someone play a Street Fighter game. My interest in the game started when the staff of Giantbomb began talking at length about it in all facets of their website. Many of us listened and watched as Giantbomb’s opinions on the game changed from shock and bewilderment at the first teaser trailer in 2007 as to what the game would look like, to an uneasy feeling about the combat and the hit boxes upon their initia...

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Armored Core: for Answer for the Xbox 360 0

       I rented Armored Core: for Answer because I was interested in rehashing my love of the mech genre. Armored Core delivered on its promise of painfully vast amounts of customizable robots and robot parts, while also creating some of the more challenging moments I've experienced in games of this generation. Unfortunately Armored Core: for Answer also opens up old wounds by showing how little mech games have progressed, and how Armored Core may be all of whats left in the dying genre.      As...

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Uniracers Review 1

Along with Plok and Donkey Kong Country this game was one of the first I played on a console. Hazy recollections of the gameplay include about six different tricks mapped to the controls, D-Pad moved you left or right, and every so often when a good trick was performed a very SNES era noise would play. Something like "Boodaly-Doo", if i remember correctly.The game had you racing a single computer, and unrelenting in the later races about tiny mistakes that end up having you bumping up against a ...

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Brother's in Arms: Hell's Highway for the Xbox 360 2

Knowledge about the story going into the game:                    Very little knowledge going into the game. I knew it took place during World War II, and that there were other games in the franchise prior to Hell's Highway. I haven't played the other Brothers in Arms games. Opinions after the game:                   Brother's in Arms: Hell's Highway is a game that tells a great recounting of the events of Operation Market Garden during World War II through the eyes of Matthew Baker's squad. ...

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Lacks Replay Value 0

The game that the Frostbite Engine was developed for couldn't take advantage of the technology any better. The change in strategy from other military shooters is refreshing, but is hard to recommend because it's selling point becomes niche very quickly. Although buildings do blow apart beautifully, and the environments destructibility is constantly present, they don't give you much to blow up. This becomes increasingly apparent when you invade a dictator’s palace to find it's filled with nothin...

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