Game of the year 2015

Another year, another fucking list let's get this shit started. Honorary mention is Love Live because TFP is an idol.

List items

  • I am a huge MG fanboy and boy does this game have development issues. The game is straight up not finished and ton of content seems to be missing (thanks Konami), but despite all that, I still love this game. The story that is told in this game, I think is great. The internet seems to have hated Skullface and his plan, but I thought it was great from both a literal and figurative point. Kaz is just an angry guy, Ocelot wants to be a cowboy and FUCK YOU HUEY! This game had ton of emotional moments and without needing to speak, you can just tell want Boss was feeling from his facial expressions and it was amazing. This game was a fun and emotional ride.

  • Though not a game that came out this year, it's a game that I played this year and I feel it deserves recognition. Both me and my friend LiquidRob played this game we had the same reaction. The story, the characters, the emotion and the setting were all amazing! THE MUSIC IS SOME OF THE BEST EVER! The way the game uses multiple ending to tell the story of not just the characters, but the very monsters you are fighting makes you feel conflicted (fucking Beepy). This is a true hidden gems for PS3 and 360.

  • The surprise of this year as far as I'm concerned. Let's face it, the RE series has not been great since 5 and everyone was worried to see if this game would be good or not. Thankfully it is amazing! With a great story and the return of Barry as a playable character, it's a pretty fun with ride, with some great revelaiton thrown in for good measures.

  • The HD version of REmake for new consoles, it's a great game. Play it! Not much I can say besides it being one of my favorite RE games.

  • I've only been with the series since 4 and I like it well enough for it's awesome characters and solid story telling. The game play is rather hit or miss with me though. It's not bad and it's improved from 4, but I still wish it was deeper than it actually is. Pick it up if you can!

  • Wayforward release some quality titles. I liked the original Shantae on the Gameboy well and good, and the though Riskies revenge was flawed at best, it wasn't bad. Pirates curse however is a great metroidvania with a fun cast of colorful characters, good humor and a great pace.

  • Technically not a finished game yet, it's a fun, depressing, FUCKING HARD turn base RPG with an awesome artstyle and great combat. The mechanics are deep as you have to keep sanity up and health up, while trying to explore a pretty dangerous set of dungeons. It's basically the Dark souls of turn base RPGs and I love it.

  • Her story is an interesting beast. It features a great story and it's presents this story in a unique way. You watch videos and you try to make of the story from short clips that you watch. My only complaint is that you can't ultimately make any arrest or further the pass this point. Regardless, it's a great concept and it's a fun ride. The actress was also my favorite from Witcher 3.

  • A game that didn't come out this year, but I played regardless! It was a fun taking the GB_P4A crew on adventures killing monsters and getting killed by monsters and doing grinding for 3 hours and then dying forgetting to save. It's all good shit and it's a great game!