Game of the Year 2017

Let's get this shit started. I don't feel like typing a bunch of shit so let's just get with it. These are the games that I love the most out of the year. I hope 2018 can deliver some gems.

List items

  • Look, nothing I say will help this game. It's just the best. Easily making it's way into my top 10 games of all time. Play it, you won't regret it. I want more Yoko Taro x Platinum.

  • I love Yakuza. Yakuza 0 is probably my favorite one in the series. With Yakuza 6 and Fist of the north star on the horizon, I honestly can't wait for more from this series. These guys just get it. They know how to adjust their gameplay just enough to keep it feeling fresh.

  • Hey look it's Cuphead. It's a great game and everyone knows it. Great art style, great music and of course the gameplay is tight. I really can't say much about this game. I love it through and through and I hope we get to see more from this team. Clearly something made with love and passion.

  • I wasn't expecting Persona 5 to be as good as Persona 4, because you can't beat perfection. The gameplay in 5 is the best it's ever been and it has more bells and whistles than 4 but the character and story I feel falter a bit. You don't really go on many out of school adventures in this game and it seems to have some pacing issues. But it's still a great game.

  • I honestly wasn't even that hyped for Mario Odyssey. But I'm sure glad I picked it up. This game is a joy through and through. While it's not as good as Galaxy I don't think, it kept a smile on face through out the whole adventure. I don't know when I'll do another full play through of the game, but I'm sure it will be great. Also that theme song is amazing.

  • Resident Evil is officially back in stride.... I hope. While some of the DLC has been... disappointing to say the least, I hope they can keep the momentum going.

  • Another stand out Zelda game from Nintendo. This game combines some aspects that I love from Dragon's Dogma with the classic zelda formula. It works and I hope they don't stop taking chances like this.

  • Another recommendation from the GBP4A crew. I didn't even know this game came out. But I'm glad I checked it out. Great music, an amazing art style and some fun ass gameplay. I want to know and explore more of this world.

  • I never played the first Evil Within. I heard it was a dumpster fire and I was not very much looking forward to this game. But when your friends say that this game is actually good when they hated the first one, I was interested. Guess what? This thing is actually amazing. Great story, kinda janky gameplay but overall, a great package. Hopefully they leave Sebastian story as is.

  • Oh... I'm sorry Bayonetta doesn't belong here you say? Well Steam tells me it was released in 2017 and guess what? This game is fucking amazing. Play it.

  • Honorary mention: This game really doesn't do anything special that I haven't seen in the many VN or other indie games that fuck with files on your computer or lead to other websites that I've played. I have a hard time putting into words why I like it so much. This game is basically an advertisement for this studios next game and I think they do a good job establishing some of the characters and the writing is pretty good. If it was just a VN with it's current premise then it be run of the mil psychological horror VN, but as a gimmick for a bigger story, it works great. VN have kinda been crappy in my opinion lately, but I'm cautiously optimistic on this one. I hope they truly go out of there way to make something unique instead of trying to be some run of the mill shit.