GOTY 2013

My list for this year's game of the year considerations.

I thought a very long time about the list and the placements (except for placing Bioshock: Infinite first, because man, that game shocked me with how much I enjoyed it - sorry for the pun), and in the end, I think it turned out pretty well.

Honorable mentions:

Tales of Xillia (Not as good as the near perfect Vesperia, but still a pretty great Tales game.)

Injustice: Gods Among Us (I just didn't enjoy the story as much as I thought I would, but at least the fighting is competent and fun.)

Papers, Please (It's a great game, but I just don't think it's top 10 material this year. Might have made the list in a few of the past years, though.)

Also, I don't yet own one of the new consoles, but if I did, Dead Rising 3 might have made the list somewhere.

And, no, Brothers doesn't deserve to be here.

List items

  • I just love everything about this game. The combat (yes, I actually really enjoy it), the characters, the story and especially the ending (after so many games that had a terrible ending lately, finally someone got it right again).

    There is always a man, there is always a lighthouse, there is always a city.

  • A well deserved second place. The story is great, the characters are very likeable, but the gameplay is generally just not my cup of tea. Still, sneaking around, always afraid of discovery and what will inevitable follow, was rarely as fun and as well executed.

  • I always really loved the series, and this newest installment is just as excellent as ever. As with every game of this type lunatic difficulty and classic mode is the way to go.

  • While the multiplayer is pretty much pointless in my opinion, the excellent singleplayer more than makes up for it. Finally the craziness is fully back in GTA.

    Also, Trevor is one of my favorite characters this year, and definitely the best GTA character in a long time.

  • I was as skeptical of "New Dante" as most others, and I still prefer "Oldschool Dante", but he is quiet alright really and the game is just plain fun. Great and fluent combat, just as every good DmC game has, and some really cool and crazy level design make this a definite standout.

    Here's hoping that there will be a sequel.

  • A game you just have to love. Randomly generated dungeons, a fun leveling system, tight controls and combat and a lot of simply insane shit. Nothing like running around killing monsters, while being upside down and constantly cursing, because of tourettes.

  • Farther down on this list than I thought it'd be, but the reality is, that while it's a good game (and a Link to the Past is my favorite Zelda), turns out I'm just not that into the recycling of past glories.

  • It's short but at the same time smart, funny and surprising. Drive the announcer insane, let babies burn to ashes and follow the yellow brick road, I mean line, just to start over and over again, to try and discover an ending you and Stanley find fitting.

  • While short and buggy, this game has it's heart at the right place, and if severely patched and fed with DLC it could turn out to be the ultimate zombie game we all deserve.

  • Like every David Cage game, it's not that much of a game really, but a worthwhile experience nonetheless. Sure the story and characters are insane and there are some very obvious inconsistencies, but who cares if the end result turns out to be a fun ride all the way through.