GOTY 2016 - (Over)watch' you play this year?

First of: Sorry for the terrible pun.

Sadly I didn't find the time to do an extensive blog like I did the previous two years, but hey, that's life I guess. (I moved to a new city, in a new country, with a new job and new girlfriend. So yeah, it actually is life.)

I'll keep it short this year, so no intros or different lists, just the Top 10 and a quick head's up of games that came close to making the list and games that I didn't get to play, but might have might the list otherwise.

Games that came close

Fire Emblem: Fates - More Fire Emblem - great, but just shy of the top 10.

Stellaris - Great foundation for a game, but desperately needs even more patches.

Dragon Quest Builders - Sadly gets quite repetitive from the second town onwards.

Firewatch - I hated the damn ending.

The Division - Still doesn't have enough content for high level players. (Destiny 2.0!)

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - Not different enough from the first game.

Street Fighter V - Great game, but I just couldn't stay with it 'til it got patched into an actually complete game.

Games I didn't get to play (yet), but that might have made the list

Uncharted 4

Titan Fall 2

Battlefield 1

Final Fantasy XV

The Last Guardian

Dishonored 2

Gears of War 4


Toky Mirage Sessions #FE

...and that's pretty much it for this year.

Now on to my Top 10 of 2016:

List items

  • I never thought I'd like this game, but god damn it, I do. I love it even, since even so long after it's release I'm still playing it (or at least I'm trying to) a few times a week.

    I've never been on hot on team-based shooters like this, but after trying the beta, I was on board with Overwatch all the way.

    Overwatch was the first game in quite some time that I played as soon as I got up, right until it was time for bed again. (I've been between jobs until August this year.) I really played it non-stop and it somehow never got old.

    Every time I went and thought "I should play something else again at some point" I instead decided to try and improve my play with a different hero and so went on the old "just one more match" trip over and over again.

    It's not a perfect game, the ranked mode still has lots of issues and people continue to be useless or asseholes (huge surprise on both fronts, I know), but the charme, the execution, the feel, just pretty much anything more than make up for it's minor problems.

    Blizzard has fucking done it again.

  • I was interested in this game since I first saw screenshots of it, but forgot that it even existed for years (a bit like The Last Guardian, but that's a whole different beast), then I watched maybe 5 minutes of the Quick Look and immediately went and bought it.

    This game. It's a god damn piece of art. It looks just gorgeous and the puzzles are great from the start, right to the end.

    That god damn village and some of the puzzles in the swamp nearly drove me insane and since I'm apparently completely tone-deaf I had to look up the solutions to the bird/sound puzzles (the only thing I looked up), but it was fun to do it all. (Note: There's a few puzzles I didn't complete and I didn't nearly find all the hidden lines.)

    A marvellous achievement.

  • The biggest surprise of the year (sorry, Hitman), Doom delivers all-school shooter gameplay in it's finest form.

    It looks good, it feels great, the story is fittingly stupid, the challenges and levels are well designed, the enemies are what they should be and shooting all the damn weapons is just plain fun.

    This game definitely features this year's strongest campaign, sadly I don't like the mulitplayer at all. Loadouts? Really?

  • I've always been a pretty huge fan of Harvest Moon (especially of the 2D ones), so this game seemed right up my alley from the get go.

    It improves upon Harvest Moon's formula in quite a few ways, but still feels just like it. (Which is kinda fucked, since it's not really a Harvest Moon game, but oh well.)

    Most Harvest Moon games I fell off of after 2 or 3 in-game years, having pretty much cultivated the whole farm as well as married some redhead, but with Stardew Valley I actually stuck for more then 4 in game year's.

    There's still things I want do, and I hope some better dungeons will get patched into this at some point.

  • The better "Souls" type game this year, Salt and Sanctuary is really just what everyone said it was: 2D Dark Souls

    That's a good thing already, but when it's as well executed as it is here, with lots of secrets to uncover, different regions to explore and cool bosses to kill, than it deserves a spot on anyone's Top Ten list.

  • As much as I love this series, Dark Souls 3 isn't quite the game the first two games were for me. All the self-referencing and the "best of" feeling kinda mired the experience for me.

    Still a great game, but the impact is long gone.

  • I needed a game like this in my life, after I finally got done with doing everything I wanted to do in The Binding of Isaac and Enter the Gungeon didn't just fill the void for me, it became one of the biggest games of the year for me.

    Personally I think it's even better than Isaac is, because of the less weird artstyle (note: I generally like weird) and way tighter controls.

    I wish I could enter the Gungeon, shoot the memory of this game out of my head with that time bullet, and then just start over fresh.

  • Certainly one of the bigger surprises this year, Hitman, delivers on all fronts.

    Want to go the silent and tactical approach, without anyone even noticing you once? Sure, do that. Want to blow dudes up with an explosive golf ball or drop a damn toilet on their head? You can do that too. It's Hitman god damn it!

  • It's more CIV. I love CIV. Nothing more to say really, except that I like the way religion is implemented into this one.

  • Not as good as the outstanding first game and the still really great second game, but still a good ending to this weird story. For a long time it was very doubtful we'd get one at all, so there's that too.