He didn't do anything wrong! Stop hurting him!

Surprise.  Another Devil May Cry blog.   
I noticed that since the new game was announced a lot of people have been shitting on DMC4 with people saying it was a terrible game.  Now the game was far from perfect and it wasn't great but it was good.  A quote from some guy on the internet. "Some people would say that Shawshank Redemption is a better movie than Godfather part 1 but that doesn't make Godfather a piece of shit."  Devil May Cry 3 was certainly a better game than DMC4 was but that doesn't mean it's bad at all.  Hell, if they decided to give Dante new levels/bosses it would have been great, instead it was still good and fun to play. 
Anyone also remember fighting the same bosses in DMC1-3 as well?  What about in DMC3 when Dante made it to the top of the tower halfway through the game but was forced to go much lower and get back up.  Now those games did mix it up more than DMC4 for sure but it was still a good game. 
I have marathon played all of the series in the order of release back to back and DMC2 is the only one that deserves any claim of terrible gameplay.