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  • played the Ps2 version, and it wasnt bad. One of the reasons it was so easy for me to chose an xbox as my next system of choice was becuase of achievements. After i beat the game, i found out about the ways to unlock other characters, but i didnt see the point. Why bother if no one else would ever know?

    i love achievements.

  • best. game. ever.

    not since Super Mario Brothers has a game made such an impact, and i don't think there will be another for a long while.

    Maybe you don't agree. And thats fine. But facts are that Halo 3 made xbox360 sales skyrocket. Facts are that over a year later, it still costs 45 bucks to buy. Facts are that it created 2 spin off games, a major book series, a bunch of cool clothes, and it almost got a movie.

    Halo has the fan following most companies only dream of. Didn't they say Halo actually F'ed up the box offices the week it came out? People where spending their money on Xboxes and Halo3 and playing it instead of going to the theaters. Thats awesome.

  • I played this game for 20 minutes at a friends house and bought a PS2. I was a hardcore Nintendo fan until i played this game. But i had to play it through. And i had 2 play 2. and Chain of memories.

    great game.I love it.

  • awesome!!! i played this game so much and with so many people that the controls are imbedded within my very soul.

  • the worst out of the SDvsR franchise to me. I enjoyed playing the GM mode in the other games, and guess what was missing in 09? And there really weren't that many improvements. SO basically, 2009 is a slightly better looking stripped version of the same game. good job going backwards wwe.

    ...but it was still Better than TNA.

  • I bought wow for 3 reasons:

    1. i loved this game and frozen throne

    2. I had played allot of Starcraft in school my freshman year (school-wide lan connection and a demo disc. We rocked!), and it was also made by Blizzard

    3. of course, Peer Pressure.

  • The only reason i cared about Lych King was because i played this game. I love Hunters and Paladins, and i hate the cheapness of Death Knights.

  • I bought it for Gamecube becuase there where no good gamecube games and i was a huge fan of the show. But i didn't get very far into the game. the gameplay was amazingly retarded, and so if there was any awsome story or any witty Joss banter, i never got to it.

  • more proof that the n64 had the best games ever. This has got to be one of the finest achievements in video game history. For its time, No Mercy was perfect, and even proved better then most of its descendent games.

  • didnt quite like this game, but i played it cuz my friends loved it. I liked the laptop gun, and that was pretty much it. I also hated the laptop gun, which explains why i didnt like the game.

  • Of course, as a B grade Halo fan, i was in store the night this game came out playing in a Halo3 tournament and then waiting outside talking strategy with the other Halo freaks.

    I love this game.... and i haven't played it in almost 3 months.

    I know. But MW2 just came out, and the only things i have left to do in ODST are a couple of the Firefight achievements... and im in no rush because i know i'll be playing it again when the Beta hits in February.... but idk. I just feel like a bad person...

  • As a kingdom Hearts fan, i was waiting for this game for months and months and months with my knees bent together like a Japanese school girl and a high pitched squeal in my throat. a guy who owns a 360, an ipod touch, and hasnt played a Kingdome Hearts game since chian of memories came out .... its kinda just been sitting in my DS.

    Its a good game, but half my love of the original game derived from playing a COOL game with Goofy and Donald in it. I never really understood where this Organization came in, and they never really got my attention.

    i still try to play, but like i said, i have a 360, and i dont have to remember to bring my ipod with me places, and now that i have a car, i don't even need to bring it for the bus anymore...

    i'll finish it eventually, but between MW2, Halo 3, and all the comics i buy... it'll be a slow proses..

  • better than the last, but worse for me altogether.

    If you read my rant about Nintendo 360's NO MERCY, and if you knew that SDvR2010 is the first wrestling game developed by THQ and Yukes since then, you would understand why its a better game.

    but the downside to me is the lack of General Manager mode. That the mode that had me playing 2008 all the way up to 2009. Its been out for two games now, and it doesn't look like its coming back.

    im giving the franchise one more chance after this, and then THQ/Yukes or no THQ/Yukes, im out.

  • As a DC comics fan, i had to buy this game. and it was good.

    i was a little upset that there where no extra playable characters. I have an xbox, so i didnt get Joker.

    And it also kinda bugged me that there where so few detective aspects of the game. Hunting for clues is kinda cool, but i wanted more from them...

    ...and no DLC all this time later kinda tells me its not gonna happen.

    so i liked then game, and i cant wait for another, but i want more.

  • Decent. thats all i can say.

    once again, as a comics fan, i was able to find allot of joy in the costumes, and small hints about other characters. The easter eggs where all fun for me, and the game looked great.

    ...but idk. I wanted more substance. I was sooo angry when the sentinel fight persisted of stabbing him in the leg (SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS has already done it right! just copy and paste or something!), and it bugged me that with my healing factor and the slowness of the big guy, the most difficult part was going through the ring to get the achievement.

    it was a step in the right direction. The videos where phenomenal. and like anyone who played it would tell you, it was supremely fun for at least the first half of the game.

    ..just ... more. please.

  • Disappointing. Fun, sure. but there are so many things that could have been done with this game that just....weren't.

  • Currently the game sucking in most of my time...and i dont know why. I mean sure, its a great game. But im an achievement hunter, and i have all the ones i can get. But i end up playing multiplayer for 1-3 hours every day.

    great story though. way more intricate and engaging than the first, and the plot twists are simply crazy!