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So fun story.

I'm doing a panel on my show on whether or not video games are mainstream. It was easy to find people who say they aren't. Finding people who have the supposedly mainstream idea that video games are art has been a gigantic hassle. I'm not sure if most people who say it don't really have conviction on it or they're just on edge going on a show thats discussed psychedelic nazi porn.

Any ways I've seen people shout on forums that video games are art, but discussing it somewhat professionally on a panel seems to be too much commitment to the idea. I'm a tad disappointed here.

Well anyone on Giant Bomb Willing to Defend the idea?


Does any one Else use Cockatrice?

Kinda looking for random people to play magic with every once in a while. Just wondering if theres anyone here with an interest in tabletop gaming. GB is mainly video games sure, but there might be some other table top guys here. 


The Human Tornado is the best movie ever.

Not kidding, never has anyone but Rudy Ray Moore been able to make terrible fight scenes enjoyable on that level. Plus he's damn funny in general. Plus there's tits roughly every ten minutes. It has everything a B movie needs, Hilarious fight scenes, naked chicks, a plot that makes almost no sense and lots of random funny stuff. 


So about the EA / Valve mess that's going on.

This is probably EA's favorite song right now...


  Anyways, if the jackasses that made TF2 ever got a monopoly on PC Gaming we'd be DOOMED. Market diversity is good for consumers and people just have to accept that. But hey, no one's gonna listen to me I'm a SCUMDOG.