My adventure as a Steam trader.

Welcome to my first actual blog about trading steam games!

So a little over a month ago, I have discovered the madness known as steam trading. There's a giant community out there trading games back and forth, making money, playing games, and what not.

An example trade from /r/SteamGameSwap
An example trade from /r/SteamGameSwap

Now going off the picture above^, I'll walk through some general needed information. In this case, the user has [H] 4.5 TF2 keys. He is wanting [W] Starbound. If any of you are unfamiliar with TF2 keys, they're these things. As a follow up...

An example of conversion.
An example of conversion.

1 refined metal is 1/6 of a key. So when a user has 4.5 keys, he actually has 4 keys and 3 refs. (Am I confusing you yet?) Each key is valued at ~2.40 purchasable from the steam market or within TF2.

So where does this all come into play? Well, people trade keys for games! Simple as that. It's also very easy to make a profit and essentially get games for cheap or even for free. This last week,Starbound caught my eye. I invested in purchasing 5 keys for trading games for $10 a while back. I successfully traded 3 TF2 keys for the Mass Effect Collection. Right off the bat, this is a good deal for me. The Mass Effect collection currently costs $40.00 at retail. But of course you never buy game as retail if you want to grab a deal. Steam traders all go off prices at This site shows the lowest sale price of anygame. Showing thatMass Effect Collection costed only 9.99 at it's lowest. This was how I was able to purchase it for 3 keys. With this game now in my inventory, I was able to turn a profit and trade this away for 4 keys. (See where I'm going here?)

Then here is where the real fun begins. I traded 4 keys > Starbound. Then proceeded to flip it for 5 keys, with a 1 key profit. I did this 3 times. Accumulating a profit of 3 keys. I finally gave in and traded 4 keys for starbound for me to keep. Essentially, I payed only 1 key for this game, which is equal to ~$2.40. So yeah, trading is awesome.

However, Key trading is not all about turning a profit. You can get games cheap this way. For example, as many as you may or may not be aware, Just Cause 2 multiplayer mod is finally being released after months of being worked on. I loved this game on my Xbox 360, so I wanted to get this game on steam so I can play the mod. The retail price of this game is $15. Nothing I wanted to pay, however, this game did go on sale for cheaper. For $2.99 to be exact. I was able to find a buyer within 10 minutes and traded for it for 2 keys. As you see, it has it's benefits for sure.

Currently, after happily trading for Starbound, I am waiting to turn a profit on more games. If I keep this up, I should be able to get a plentiful of games just by trading. Pretty crazy stuff right?

So that's it for my blog, hopefully I made sense. If anyone has questions or want's to get into the Trade business, don't hesitate to comment below or PM me personally.