My Pile Of Shame

Games that I've either started and never bothered to finish, or games that I have full intention of starting, but I just haven't gotten around to yet.
The majority of these games are still sitting on my shelf, with the main hope that this list eventually dwindles down to nothing.

List items

  • man, this game is all kinds of broken - something about it still makes me want to go back and finish it though

  • this game is really easy until the last part, then it really kicks it up to rage-quitting levels.

  • man i love this game, but I just haven't gotten around to finishing it.

  • i borrowed this off a mate of mine, and fucking loved it ... but have to give it back

  • holy fuck this game is terrible. i only want to finish this so I can say that it didn't beat me, despite it's shithouse qualities. Of which there are many

  • I only just picked this up a few days ago (August, 2010), because the sequel seems like it's going to be awesome.

  • to be honest, this game bored the crap out of me

  • laugh if you want, but this is actually a pretty underrated cover shooter. probably my favourite game in the genre of "cover shooters starring gangsta rappers as the main character"

  • i can't remember why i stopped playing this game, but i just did. it's still on my shelf, so i have full intentions of finishing it .... maybe later.

  • I think I must have got stuck on a level or something, but I can't remember the last time I played this

  • when I bought this game, I remember buying a few others too, so it was kind of the tree getting lost in the forest. play again and finish, i must.

  • this is SUCH a boring game. I really don't know if I have it in me to play anymore

  • basically this is Stranglehold, but with a hot chick in place

  • i found this game for the xbox ages ago because everyone talks about how great it is and slaps the "one of the most underrated games ever" label on it during conversation.

    i spent FOREVER looking for this game, and as of yet, I still haven't played it.

  • i kinda just want to finish this game because it takes up so much damn room on my harddrive.

  • not that you really "finish" this game, but I just haven't got around to playing through all the chapters yet. I think i bought this at the same time as I got Force Unleashed

  • such an amazing game, yet so goddamn fucking punishing

  • I've finished through it, but I just want that last 10GS achievement (finish it in one sitting, less than 5 deaths)

  • i really liked this game, i guess i just got bored half way through

  • I'm not even sure if you can actually finish this game? I fucking love the entire Midnight Club series - and I don't even really like car racing games!