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Best Assassin's Creed Protagonists

Got into a little discussion in the chat for the latest Beastcast and decided to make this list. Bear in mind, this is 100% subjective and my personal preference. I am also only putting the protagonists I have anything to say about on this list, which amounts to 5.

List items

  • Plain and simple, I love this character. Rather, I love the character she became as I played her with my choices. I fucking hated that Ubisoft tried to shoehorn her into a relationship in the DLC.

  • Bayek is a wonderful protagonist. A good father and husband. Ubisoft did him dirty, but Origins was a great game.

  • Not sure I would Call Edward an assassin really. He just did what he had to to survive. Also, it makes sense given the setting and his "friends" but it was sad that they were all basically dead at the end. Also, I can't help but see Heath Ledger when I look at Edward.

  • I played almost all of AC Syndicate as Evie and only played as Jacob when the game forced me to. I don't know, Evie just resonated more as a character with me.

  • I'll be honest, I like old Ezio more than I do AC2 Ezio. That said, I spent 3 games playing as him and I really enjoyed all of those games and the growth of the character through them.