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Games Beaten in 2021

Yet again, here we are.

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  • I really enjoyed this game and the plot. Beaten 3 January

  • I didn't beat this game. I put 24 hours into it, started asking myself if I was enjoying it or just checking boxes off. Add tot hat fact that I already know how the plot wraps up and I decided I was done playing it. Stopped 16 January.

  • I enjoyed this well enough outside a couple of missions. Was an interesting ending stretch. Beaten 25 January

  • I enjoyed this game well enough. Parts of the ending I guessed hours in advance. Beaten 6 February

  • I really enjoyed this, though I had to make use of the hint system more than I would have liked. Beaten 15 February

  • Interesting game. Beaten 16 February

  • Not just the original The Room only in VR, it is an entirely new game. I quite enjoyed it though it started to not recognize when I would let go of items. Beaten 1 March

  • I really enjoyed this game. Beaten 6 March

  • Interesting game. Ran into a couple bugs, but nothing game breaking or that couldn't be fixed by reloading a checkpoint. Overall, I'd sat I enjoyed it. Beaten 25 March

  • Really enjoyable point and click. It has two incredibly beautiful moments. Beaten 29 March

  • Really enjoyable little game. Very creepy. Beaten 10 April

  • Necromancer is easy mode. Beaten 29 April

  • I really enjoyed this game though some of the platforming sections are utter bullshit. Beaten 2 May

  • Rather interesting game. Beaten 2 May

  • Interesting VR game. Beaten 14 May

  • Rather enjoyable entry in the series. Beaten 28 May

  • I very much enjoyed this game, and based on the way the game ended, kinda disappointed it won't be getting a sequel. Beaten 16 June

  • Fun little Puzzle game. Beaten 17 June

  • Interesting puzzle game with a rather interesting plot. Beaten 24 June

  • Cute game. Did not go where the Jeffs and Danny thought it would. Beaten 7 July

  • I rather enjoyed this game. That said, it did crash on my several times. Beaten 12 July

  • I enjoyed this game for the most part, though there were a couple of missions that annoyed the shit out of me. Beaten 23 July.

  • I rather enjoyed this game. Beaten 24 July

  • Interesting game. Played it through Game Pass and I enjoyed my time with it. The plot go to some interesting places, though most are somewhat predictable. Beaten 4 August.

  • I backed this game years ago, and have tried to play it through several times. I finally got around to beating it today. Interesting plot. Beaten 7 August

  • I rather enjoyed this second game from the developers of Stasis. The ending was kind of a trip. Looking forward to their next game, Bone Totem. Beaten 8 August

  • I really enjoyed this game, much like the first. That said, the ending seemed a bit abrupt like the was more to do. Beaten 12 August

  • A Kojima ass game. Remove the BTs, specifically the ones in the world and not the boss fights, and I would have enjoyed this game more. Beaten 15 August

  • I rather enjoyed this game. I enjoyed the plot, apart one small stretch near the beginning, and found its ending satisfying which I cannot say for most games I have beaten in recent years. Beaten 29 August

  • I only ever played the shareware version of Quake as a kid, so I had never actually played the rest of the game. I finally changed that. It's still a really good game. Beaten 4 Sep

  • Fun little game and some pretty touching moments. Beaten 25 Sep

  • I really enjoyed this game. Beaten 26 Sep

  • Fun, cute little puzzle game. Beaten 27 Sep

  • Fun game, though there are a couples parts I found annoying. Beaten 7 Oct

  • I don't have the words to express how much I loved this game. Beaten 26 October

  • For the most part, I enjoyed this game, the plot is what kept me going though I did call what the inciting event was very early in the game. Beaten 3 November

  • Not sure you can call this beaten, but I did make it to the hall of fame which is basically end game. 8 November

  • Overall, I enjoyed my time with this game. Was not expecting the way it ended, but honestly can't blame them for ending it that way. Beaten 14 November

  • Oh my fucking god this game. This is an extremely strong contender for my GotY. The places this game goes. Beaten 20 November

  • Interesting plot, the "twist" at the end was semi expected. Beaten 26 November

  • Fun little Lovecraftian puzzle game. Beaten 28 November

  • I have mixed feelings about this game. I was enjoying it until the last boss and then the way it ended kinda killed it for me. Beaten 5 December

  • Didn't the major nostalgia until about halfway through and then it hit hard. Beaten 10 December

  • I've owned this for a bit and figured since I just got a PS5, I might as well play this while the newer one downloads. Ended up beating it in one, very long, session, Beaten 11 December

  • Rather enjoyable little game, plot is decent too. Beaten 18 December

  • Fun game and a decent ending to the trilogy. Beaten 21 December

  • Fun little game. Didn't realize it was an SCP game

  • Slipped it in just before the year ended. Holy shit this is far better than I expected. The plot is touching at times and the characterization of the group and secondary characters is excellent. Eidos knocked it out of the park with this.