My Ten Favorite Games of 2013

This year I played and beat 24 games that came out this year. I am not going to rank all 24, narrowing it down to my top ten was difficult enough. Also there will only be two write ups in this list longer than one sentence, since most of these games are on here because I value story and exploration quite a bit.

Having just finished Brothers, this list is final, and guess what? I can think of ten games better than Brothers.

List items


    The amount that this game impacted me meant I could not in good conscience place it anywhere else on this list. I realize that this game is not for everyone, and that some people would even question its classification as a game. I am not one of those people, and this is my list. The way the story unfolds as you explore the house is excellent, plus you have the implied side stories that unless you examine everything you will completely miss.

  • This game is tied with Link to the Past as my favorite Zelda game. I wonder if they learned anything about why this game and Link to the Past work so well and are so highly regarded.

  • Joel made the right choice at the end.

  • In the past couple years of shitty endings, Saints Row IV fucking nailed it; I can't think of a better way to end the series.

  • The puzzle aspect of the gameplay is excellent.

  • It's amazing how good it feels when you have that great run and kill 3 bosses before dying.

  • Good game and the gameplay scratched that itch that XCOM scratched last year.

  • Not much of a story if there is one, but I love puzzle games and exploring the game was fun.

  • The writing and narration in this game is top notch.

  • Damn fun puzzle game, especially multiplayer when the shit hits the fan.